“Red Apple” Three (3) – “The Smell”


My wife just left to check who it was, and again, just when I thought I had had enough for the night, there stood this mysterious lady I met at the cemetery right in front of my door.


From where I stood I could hardly hear them talk, but their conversation didn’t last long. My wife then invited her in and offered her seat.


“Let me introduce you to my husband” My wife said. I decided to play along and pretended that I had never met this lady before. Apparently, from the way things were going, I guessed that my wife knew her. Right there and then my wife called me away from her so that we could speak in private.


“Baby, I’m sorry, but that’s my friend there, she needs a place to stay for the weekend and I was wondering if we could help her” She said.


There was something so fishy about this, I knew my wife to be the introvert type and her only close friend she had was Emefa, who I supposewas in heaven by now. My wife didn’t keep friends and that’s something I liked about her.


Maybe they were all mutual friends of Emefa, so I didn’t give it much thinking. But I just didn’t like the whole idea. It seemed my wife had already given her the go ahead already.


“I can’t say much for now, but take her to the guest room, it’s late now, I have to go to bed” I said as I quickly went to take my shower after which, I retired to bed.


I couldn’t sleep that night, I stayed awake thinking. Not anything in particular, but one thing was for sure, Emefa crossed my mind every now and then.


I was just tossing in bed, I looked at my wife who was beside me in bed, just to see her peacefully sleeping.  It was about 2 am and everywhere was quite.  Apparently, it was still raining and the temperature was unusually cold. Gone are the days when Emefa and I as kids would just rush into the rains with our underwear alongside with the other kids from the neighborhood to take our bath.


That thought alone got me smiling. No, this must stop, Emefa is dead and gone, she is no more alive, and I need to move on. Here lies my wife, and am just worrying myself over the dead. I had to do something. I looked at my wife and without thinking twice about it; I planted a deep kiss while she was still asleep.


Her lips began moving, then she eventually began responding, the mood was right, it was raining and the weather was cold. It was just a moment for us to do what married people did. She began breathing faster as the kiss got intense. Then she suddenly turned me over, she came on to top of me now and continued kissing me.


I loved it, I loved everything that was going on. I held her curvy waist as she pressed firm against my groin. I was so hard now and I knew she could feel it. Still kissing me, I felt her hand in my boxers, she took my rigid manhood out and pushed it into her, and then she took control.


It was all her now, she kept rocking in circles, in slow motion as she knew what to do to please herself. I liked that about her, my wife was just bad to me. She was on top of her game. She kept rocking and rocking, eventually speeding up her pace. I knew she was about to climax, so I began to hit her hard from beneath. Her moan grew louder as she finally climaxed.


I was still in her, then she rested her body on me with her head on my chest. Then suddenly, that perfume smell of Emefa came again. I smelled it everywhere.


“Do you smell that? I asked my wife.


“Smell what? Is something burning? She asked. It was obvious from her answer that she didn’t smell anything.


I excused her and went out of the room. The smell was way stronger now, I headed towards the living-room and to my surprise, the mystery girl was awake and was seated comfortably on the sofa. Though she was seated, she appeared to be very rigid and motionless.



To be Continued.


© 2017