Red Apple – Season II – Episode Three (3) – “Gifted Mary”


Before I knew it, a white foamy substance was coming out of my mouth. That was it. I screamed and finally gave up the ghost.


My last breath, my last heartbeat. I was dead and gone. But here I was, standing right beside my body. I could see my lifeless body lying there on the floor just beside my bed. I didn’t know what I was, I thought it was a dream. I saw Ruth sitting there, touching my body to check if I was really dead. It was strange that she couldn’t see me standing there. I tried calling her but she didn’t hear me.


I didn’t understand what was going on, then I went closer ,It was indeed my body. Was I dreaming or something? This couldn’t continue, I pinched myself so I could wake up from the dream but was to no avail. I then saw Ruth pick up the phone and make a call.


“Eugene, it worked, it worked” She said. “She is gone” She continued.


That was when I noticed I was really dead and i was standing there as nothing but a ghost. Ruth and Eugene planned this, they had injected the apple with a poisonous substance. Then I began to cry knowing that my death wasn’t natural. I wanted to end Ruth’s life right there and then. I went closer to her in an attempt to strangle her but my hands just passed through her like a wind.


I tried severally but to no avail. Then I heard a knock on the door. Ruth then asked who it was. Eugene had arrived at the scene. He went towards my body to also confirm that I was really dead. As soon as he did, he gave Ruth a hug for a good work done. There was nothing I could do than to just cry. What could be their reason for doing such a thing to me? I never hurt them in any way.


“But don’t you think Selorm might have contacted her since she didn’t show up at the court wedding” Eugene asked.


“I dealt with that already, I told him Emefa said she was going out of town for a checkup and wouldn’t be back in a couple of weeks.” Ruth answered “Trust me, I really painted Emefa black and I could tell from his face that he was so upset. But come to think of it, how come he chose you as his best man, you barely know him.” She continued.



“We are guys, we blend easily” He answered.


That was when I got the whole picture. There was nothing I could do anymore, and all this while, Ruth had been making up stories for Selorm.


I’m sure Selorm thought I was still upset with him. There was nothing I could do. (For more stories Download “Tales of Elton” App on Google Play or visit.


Then Ruth called the ambulance, with the excuse that she came to meet lying like that on the floor. They rushed me to the hospital and that waswhere they medically confirmed me dead.

That was it, I was drawn away by a force until my burial day. I saw my loved ones crying as they buried me. My death came as a shock to everyone, then I saw Selorm in tears. I wanted to talk to him badly but I couldn’t. As much as I called out his name, he didn’t hear me.


Then I saw Ruth also shedding tears, i was so angry and full of hatred knowing very well that there was nothing I could do. The only thing was to watch them as they sorrowfully buried me.


Out of nowhere, a young lady gave me a tap on the shoulder. I thought I was alone in this, I turned around and there she stood. I was soo surprised that she could see me, i even thought she was a ghost as well.


“Surprised? Don’t be, I’m not dead, some of us are gifted. We see what others don’t see, we feel what others don’t feel.” She said.


I was so surprised that I didn’t know what to say. Then she continued. “I’m Mary, from where I was, I could see you crying. I know your death wasn’t natural and I’m here to help you” She said.


That was a relief, finally, someone could help me so that my soul would rest in peace. Mary had come to my rescue. Apparently, she knew Ruth from school but they were not really close. Then I asked her what she could do to help me only for her to give me an answer that freaked me out.


“I will be an instrument for you to work through” She said and just walked away.



To be continued.