Red Apple – Season II – Episode Four (4) – “Payback”


I was murdered just because Ruth and Eugene feared that I might expose them to Selorm. They valued their secret more than my life. But why would Eugene allow her girlfriend date another guy? This was one question that I couldn’t answer and I intended coming to bottom of it.


Indeed Mary was really gifted and somehow I was able to possess her and eventually worked my way back into the Selorm’s marital home. My only motive was to hand over my diary to Selorm. That was where I wrote everything. Now, the time had come, I was able to lead Selorm into the house of Eugene. That was where he met his wife comfortably sleeping onthe laps of his own friend Eugene.


I thought I was making things right so that my soul could finally rest in peace but little did I know that the worse was about to happen.




This was where I stood now, full of shock as I watched my wife in the hands of my best man. They both got surprised as they saw me standing at door looking at them.


“Selorm” Ruth shouted. That was the only thing that could come out of her lips. I needed an explanation for what i had seen, how could she have done that to me?


“I can explain Selorm” She said. To my surprise Eugene, whom I thought would be so sorry for his actions rather busted out.


“You have no explanation Ruth, your husband deserves this.” Eugene said. “Why should you even be surprised about this? Tell me. After all what you did to me, I’m sure you don’t even remember.”


“What are you talking about Eugene” I asked as I began to wonder what he actually meant. What could I have done to him for him to repay me this way?


“So soon you have forgotten” He said. Then he started revealing everything to me. “Have you forgotten? you stood in my way when I wanted to get close to Emefa way back when we were kids? Well I could easily get pass that because I remember I beat the hell out of you but then again, when I was blind dating her, you came along the way. She told me, she had feelings for someone else, she told me to stay away from her just because of you. Selorm, where I come from, I don’t lose, I always win.” Eugene blurted out. (For more stories Download “Tales of Elton” App on Google Play or visit.



I couldn’t believe it, so all along Eugene was my mate back in school, well it’d been so many years, I didn’t really remember but I knew Eugene was just sick in the head for him to have used this reason to do that to me. That was when I noticed how to stupid my wife was. To Eugene, my wife was just an instrument. Just like me, she also didn’t know about this, all along she thought Eugene was one guy who really loved her, as for me, she was just with me for money.


Then Eugene began to take it far. “And guess what, you are not the father of your so called daughter, I’m her biological father. Your wife was pregnant for me before you two got married” He revealed.  Ruth stood beside him and couldn’t utter a word.


This had gotten to me, I couldn’t take it now, I was so full of rage. I had never felt such anger in my entire life. Eugene stood there and made mockery of me and that was so beyond my limit. I’m a human and blood flows within me as well. I let my anger take hold of me to the extent that I jumped on him so hard he fell down hitting his head so hard on floor.


That was it, Eugene was dead and I had killed him. There he laid, in hispool of blood. I was now officially a murderer. I began to shiver, not knowing what to do. Ruth was also there beside me, she was as scared as I was. I quickly dashed off and left the premises before it was too late.


I rushed into my car and drove off as fast as I could in an attempt to escape. In no time, I had gotten home. I rushed to my daughter’s room. Yes my daughter, I didn’t care who her father was, as far as I was concerned, I brought her up and that made me her father. I then picked up some few shirts and began packing them into my travelling bag.


Then suddenly, I heard a knock on the door, the knock was soo loud that I had no option than to rush and open the door. That was it, there stood Ruth and some couple of police men. They handcuffed me and then arrested me for the murder of Eugene.


To Be Continued.