“Red Apple” – Episode Two (2) – “Mystery Girl”


“I’m sure she misses you too” Someone said right behind me. I turned around only to find this gorgeous looking lady holding a wreath.

I freaked out as soon as I set my eyes on her.

“Sorry if I scared you” She said. My eyes were still stuck on her, as the rain was getting heavier. It was as if we had both forgotten that it was raining.

“What is a lady like you doing in a place like this” I asked. You could tell from my voice how nervous I was.  She only smiled and said.

“You are not the only one who has lost somebody” She said and walked towards Emefa’s tomb, there, she laid the wreath she had and stood her there silently watching Emefa’s tomb.

“You knew her? I asked, She nodded. That was surprising to me, because I knew all Emefa’s friend and I don’t remember ever meeting her.

“I never got to meet her in person, we met through a group on facebook” She said as if she knew what I was thinking.  I was now beginning to feel cold so I wanted to leave right that moment. And again, as if she knew what I was thinking she said

“Don’t you think we should get going, the rain isn’t helping” She said and then we both began to leave the cemetery. As if I had enough of the surprises, she took my hand as we both walked towards the parking lot.

“I find it very strange for a married man like you to leave your wife at home, just to pay homage to your lost girlfriend” She said.

Now I thought she had overstepped her limits, we just met and for her to talk about my family which I cherish most was not something that I was going to entertain.

“I’m sorry but can you live my marriage out of this, besides how did you know I was even married” I asked.

She just laughed at me as if I just made an expensive joke. “Mr, your ring gave you away” She answered. Yeah she was right, that was how dumb Iwas.

At this point we had already gotten to the parking lot and before I could get to my car door, I didn’t even see where she passed. She was nowhere to be found. I looked around and there was no trace of her, I began to freak out that I quickly ‘entered the car, turned on the ignition and drove away.

“What a night” I told myself. Though I found myself thinking about Emefa, this mysterious girl who I just met had just freaked me out.

How is it a coincident that the very moment I went to visit Emefa, that was the moment I met this stranger who happened to know Emefa. Well, I didn’t want to think about it too much; I just decided to let it go. I got home to meet my wife and little child Emefa back.

She jumped and hugged me in my soaked outfit. How innocent she was. My wife came from the kitchen looking very upset. I knew there was something wrong so I tried to find out.

“What seems to be the problem, did my mother get you upset again” I asked.  She looked at me and even from her look I could tell that, whatever the problem was, it had nothing to do with my mother.

“So Selorm, tell me, what could be the reason for this, where are you coming from at this time of the night, and to top it, it’s even raining” She said.

Yeah that’s my wife for you. She is the nagging type; well I guess that’s generic in every lady but hers was just different. Emefa was alive when we began dating though; she was actually Emefa’s roommate back in school. She hooked her up with me even though I didn’t love her. The only reason I went out with her was to make Emefa happy because she felt that I wasthe only person who wouldn’t break her friend’s heart after her numerous heart breaks.

I decided to play along till our day of marriage. To my surprise Emefa, didn’t make it to my wedding and her excuse was just a flimsy one. I noticed that there was a distance between Emefa and my wife. They were not relating to each other like they used to. Before I could find out the reason behind it, death had already taken Emefa. It was too late.

Now, my wife’s question was still pending and before I could answer her, there came a knock on the door. My wife just left to check who it was, and again, just when I thought I had had enough for the night, there stood this mysterious lady I met at the cemetery right in front of my door.

To be Continued.


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