Presidential Villa Episode 16

“Why’re we under the same roof?” Jake asked.
“It’s for your own protection.” Jack answered.
“Seriously? Our protection? It’s been a month. You can’t tell me this is all because of one man__”

“Not just any man, he’s a six star general who’s__”
“Oh save the crap story for your children,” Jake looked at him. “Do you even have children Jack?” He asked.
“I can’t disclose my personal life with anyone in and out of this building_”
“Oh great!” Jake interrupted and sat on a chair.


Victoria quickly approached her husband as he was coming to the sitting room. “What’s this wale? We have been in doors for weeks, we can’t continue to live like this. The public will get suspicious.”

“I don’t care if they get suspicious, listen, I need you all to be here, just for a little time while I deal with the task at hand.” He said.

“But our freedom__”

“There is no freedom!” His voice almost rose to a near shout and everyone looked at them. “There is no freedom with Tukur being out there on a vendetta against all of us.” He whispered and she nodded in understanding.
“Alright,” she cleared her throat. “I’ll try and keep Bola and Bisi from eating each other alive and Taye from crying all the time.” She said.

“Thanks, and trust me, they’re safer here. Taye is here at her parents request.” He replied.
“What about Mahmoud’s shooter? He’s still out there?” She asked quietly.

“Yes, but I promise we will get him soon enough,” Mr Adewale answered and signaled to Jack. “I love you, but I have to go.” He whispered as Jack approached.
“I know, I love you too. Be careful out there.” She whispered back and he walked away. “Protect him.” She said to Jack.

“With my life.” He replied and left.
The president had an idea of using Peter as a bait but it wasn’t going as they expected. There they are, sitting quietly with eyes fixed on Peter who was sitting on a wooden chair, looking up at them. “There’s someone out there that’s killing people, and you want me to lure him out?”

“Yes, it’ll be simple.” Jack answered.
“Simple? How sure are you he won’t kill me the first chance he gets!” Panic rose in peters voice.

“He won’t.” Jack assured.
“Really? Why don’t any of you do it then!” He pointed at the two of them. “No offense sir.”

“None taken.” Mr Adewale shrugged. He understood his fear. He imagined how he was also in the same state some weeks back when he learnt his family had been attacked. His eyes and ears grew distant for a minute, he could hear Peter and Jack arguing. “It’s okay if you can’t do it. I won’t hold it against you.” He broke the argument.
“But sir.”

“It’s alright Jack, every life matters. So we can’t force anyone to do this. It’s risky and I can’t guarantee that persons safety, so the person will have to come at his own free will.”

“Do you have someone in mind?” Jack asked as he opened the door for him.

“No.” He answered and they left peters apartment.


Mr Adewale snuck into the house, in hopes of not waking anybody. It was late when he got back, he had been working days and nights since the incidents. “Freeze!” A voice said from the dark.

Startled, he stopped vehemently and looked to the chairs, it was dark but he was sure who it was. “I believe I live here.” He said.

“Walk towards me with your hands up.” The person said and he did as he was told. “And stop.”
He sighed and put down his hands. “Why’re you not in bed sweetie?” He asked and Henrietta switched the lights on.

“I couldn’t sleep.” She sniffed.

“Have you been crying?” He sat close to her.

“I can’t help it,” she started. “There’s someone out there who only wants to kill us.” She began to cry silently.

“It’s alright,” he took her in his arms. “Everything will be back to normal soon. I have every police and soldiers looking for him everywhere in the country.”

“I hope they kill him when they find him.” She said and he smiled a bit.
“Guess what.” He said.

“I’m not in the mood dad.” She replied.

“Okay. I went to the hospital today.” He announced and she sat up.
“How’s Mahmoud?” She asked quickly.
“Mahmoud is fine, as a matter of fact, the doctor said you can come and see him tomorrow if you’d like.”

“Of course, he’s my husband. If only those animals hadn’t stopped me everytime I tried to go out.” She said with anger and he chuckled.
“Don’t hate them, they’re just doing their job. But, tomorrow, you will be free as a bird because you’re going to see your husband.”

“Yeah, with 20guards taking every step with me.”
“Well.” He stressed the word.

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Mr Adewale was sitting in his office when he heard a knock. “Come in.” He said and Peter entered.
“Good morning sir,” Peter greeted as he closed the door.
“Morning, sit down.” He offered and Peter did. “So, what can I do for you?” He leaned closer.
“I’ve thought about what you said, I actually wanted to sleep on it so as to know if I was making the right decision or not, despite the fact that__”

“Peter,” he snapped. “Just get to the point will you, as you can see I’m very busy.”
“Right,” Peter surveyed the table. “I will be the bait.” He said boldly.

“What.” Mr Adewale removed his reading glasses.
“Yes, if it’ll catch the man that shot your daughter’s husband. Then I’ll be happy to help.” He put up a smile.

Peter was being prepared to be a bait that morning, Jack wired him up so they could hear everything happening in the background and also a Bluetooth, that would make them communicate with him. “Okay, i will talk you through it.” Jack said.
“Am I the only one who’s nervous and scared?” Peter asked.

“I’m scared too.”
“Really?” Peter asked and Jack nodded.

“I’m scared you might end up dead.” Jack busted into laughter as he saw peter tremble. “I was just joking.” He said.
“Very funny.”

“Come on, you’ll be fine. Just do whatever I tell you and everything will go as planned.”
“I hope.” Peter didn’t seem convinced with jack’s motivational words.


Henrietta reached the hospital, accompanied by some security personnels in and out of the hospital. “Oh baby.” She rushed and almost lied on top of him.
“Easy, easy. The chest.”
“Oh I’m so sorry,” she rose up and sat on the bed. She was just too happy to see him. “I was so worried, I thought I’d lost u.”

“I’m alright,” he said kissing her right hand. “How’re you guys?” He asked.
“We are fine now that you’ve opened your eyes.” She said, rubbing her left hand on her stomach.

“How long have I been here?” He asked.
“10days.” She answered.
“They’re coming later to see you, everyone is, I just couldn’t wait for them.” She said and he smiled.

“Yeah. I’m happy to see you and him.” He touched her stomach.
“She’s a girl.” She protested.

“Oh no, definitely a boy. Girls are too fragile.”
“Seriously?” She rose her brows. “It’s a girl and that’s the end of discussion.”

“Alright, if you say so,” he surrendered and faced the other side. “It’s a boy.” He whispered and she pinched his hand.
“Ow!” He said and they both laughed a bit. “I guess the shooter is not yet to be found.” He looked at the guard standing outside the ward room.

She glanced at the security man and back at him with a sigh. “Yes, but not to worry. He will be in custody soon. You just focus on getting better and leaving here.” She rubbed her hand on his up and down.

To be continued