“Ntikuma” – Episode 7 – “Blood at War


That was when I noticed that it was Jerome‘s wife. However, it did not stop there. Jerome’s wife then took a glass of wine that was nearby and poured it on me.

Before anyone could intervene, she tore up my beautiful attire, leaving me almost naked. Trust me, that was the worst moment of my life.

I left the scene as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, Jerome’s wife followed me and kept hooting at me as I entered into my car. I came into the restaurant looking like a goddess, now I am looking so disgusting and unpleasant.

I quickly drove off. I have never experienced such humiliation in my entire life. I was just trying to be an ordinary woman. Why has this happened to me all of a sudden? I just couldn’t explain how she got to know i was meeting up Jerome. I had no idea.

My life was just a total wreck. I was ashamed and angry with myself for not seeing this coming. I rushed home quickly to meet Ntikuma and Kojo flirting all over the place.

“Look, this is my house, you two can’t use this place to your advantage” I scolded.

You could tell from their faces that they were not listing to the words that were coming out of my mouth. Instead, their attention was on my disgusting look.

“Sis, what happened to you? Is everything alright” Ntikuma asked. She had no right to ask me that question. It was so irritating to hear her ask that because it reminded me of what happened.

I completely ignored Ntikuma’s question and turned my anger towards Kojo.

“As of this moment, you seize to be my employee” I said. I reached into my purse took a bundle of GHC50 notes and threw it at Kojo’s face.

“Enough is Enough, I can’t take this anymore! Yes, he is your employee, but if he leaves, i leave too” Ntikuma said. From her tone you could tell that she was getting angry.

Like I care. She can leave with him. I just wanted to be alone from that moment. I did not care about anyone anymore.

“Oh, you think that will make me change my mind or what?” I said to Ntikuma.

“Kojo, Don’t let me see you here tomorrow morning” I cautioned.

Just then, Ntikuma held Kojo’s hand, left the money i had threw at him, and went with him straight into her room. Few minutes later, they came out with my sister’s luggage’s.

“You can keep this whole house to yourself.” Ntikuma said. Abruptly, Ntikuma left with Kojo right in front of me. I wanted my sister to stay, I didn’t think she would go to that extent.

All the same, my pride couldn’t allow her to stay in my house with that boy. I did absolutely nothing as she left with that riffraff. I felt foolish because I thought she did not mean anything she said to me. In anger, I smashed my phone against the glass table and broke it.

I take my anger out by destroying everything near me, which was a typical characteristic of mine. I stormed angrily into my room and bursted into tears. That was where I remained for the rest of the evening.

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I kept on asking myself, “what seems to be the problem with me?” My life was a complete mess. I have done everything possible to please God. I paid my tithes and my offerings in church, and I did everything as my pastor instructed. However, everything just seemed to be moving from bad to worse.

I could not sleep that night. Everything I did was a complete failure. I kept on thinking to myself, “I am human, and I have blood running in my veins. I need a man in my life”.

I wanted someone who would love me, marry me, and make babies with me. Someone who would make me feel like a woman. I have everything a woman can dream to achieve and I am beautiful. Yet, nothing seemed to be working out for me.

I stayed up all night thinking about this. I kept tossing and turning in my bed hoping to find a comfortable position. Suddenly I heard a knock on my main gate. It was already thirty minutes pass midnight, and I was so sure that it was my sister and Kojo at the gate.

Even with such conclusions, I was scared to open the door. There was no Kojo to risk and check for me. I waited and kept watching through my bedroom window to see if i can see the one behind the gate but to no avail.

It might be them, I was so sure of that. I opened the door, only to find out that it was my pastor.

“Pastor, is everything alright?“ I desperately asked.

“My sister, we urgently need to talk” he said. I invited him in. Just us he saw the broken glass table, he went on with what he had to say.

“We serve a living God, my sister. I had a vision and that is why I’m here” he said. “What exactly happened today?“ he asked.

“Just had a little argument with my sister” I answered.

“My sister, you need to be very careful about her too, there is this spiritual link between her and your mother, the closer you get to her, the more obstacles you’ll face before finding your husband” he said.

Just as he said that, I knew he was right. It was upon her arrival that I faced the utter humiliation at the restaurant.

“My sister, we need to pray. The devil is at work as I’m speaking to you now!” he exclaimed.

I quickly went on my knees and raised my hands right in front of him. He then placed his hands on me and began to pray.

His voice was so powerful as he continuously spoke in tongues. He was loud, and I thought he was filled with the power of God. Then he began to come closer to me. But this time, my face was cupped in his hands as he prayed.

The prayer was longer than usual and surprisingly, he knelt too. My eyes were closed but I could feel his breath on my face. He was so close and before I knew it, his lips were on mine.

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To be Continued