My Father’s Desire Episode 15


Nnenna arrived New York Safely. The preparation and running around for her travel was so demanding but she thanked God that she was able to pull through. Before long, she settled down in New York. One Sunday afternoon, she decided to get acquainted with the city of New York so she went for sight seeing. As she was moving around, a young man walked up to her and introduced himself as Mr. Jackson Green. He told her that he was born and bred in New York and that he would like to be her friend. As he continued to chat her up, they realized that they were in the same university- University of New York but in different departments. He also acted as her guide on the sightseeing.
One morning, Jackson called Nnenna and invited her to a seminar organized by his department. Nnenna honoured the invitation since the seminar was on health issue. The conference hall for the seminar was filled with people. After the seminar, Echidime who couldn’t remove his eyes from Nnenna throughout the programme, walked up to Nnenna and introduced himself.
“Hello, African queen.”
“My name is Mr.Echidime Emenike, a 3rd year medical student in this university. May I meet you?”
“Nnenna introduced herself too as a 1st year student of Chemistry department. As their conversation progressed, they realized that they were from the same state in the eastern part of Nigeria-Anambra.
Four years later Nnenna graduated as a chemist while Echidime graduated as a medical doctor. They both came down to Nigeria.
When Echidime returned from overseas he decided to take off some time to rest. When he felt that he had had enough rest he decided to look for a job. It was not easy for him to get the kind of job he wanted. Then one afternoon, as he was returning from Lagos University Teaching Hospital where he had gone for a job interview, he called on Nnenna so that they would have lunch together. Nnenna informed him that she wont be able to honour his invitation for her mother had sent her on an errand. So they later fixed a date for another dinner. Before the date for the dinner came Echidime was offered the job he had applied for at LUTH. So it was a double celebration when the two friends meet. It was on that dinner that Echidime proposed marriage to Nnenna and she accepted his proposal.
After working for four months, Echidime decided to prepare for his wedding. One night as his parents were in the sitting room watching a programme in the television, he went to inform them about Nnenna and his intentions to marry her.


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