My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 2


The doctor came outside but he couldn’t say a word. He was just looking at them.

Chief Sunday: so doctor, how’s Idris?

Doctor: well, we managed to bring out the bullets. Luckily, no organ was damaged but he is still uncouincess.

Stephanie: can we see him?

Doctor: no, the nurse are still working on him..

Stephanie got up heading straight to the exit door.

Chief Sunday: where are you going to?

Stephanie: *silent*

chief Sunday: have you contacted his parents?

Stephanie stopped

Stephanie: yes dad, even his neighbours. A

he said going out.
I swore never to love any boy again not after what Felix did to me but here i am loving this new PA of mine, loving Idris.

He is so funny, cute and innocent. I couldn’t believe he lay down his life for me. I didn’t know he harbored such feelings for me. After what the doctor said, i knew what i suppose to do and that’s what am gonna do now.

I entered my car, the same one that me and idris were attacked in, i came down immediately, the blood stain on it was just too much.

I went outside the gate and stopped a cab.

Driver: madam where you dey go?

Me: catholic church.

Driver: na two hundred naira last price. Dollars don increase, food don increase, fuel don increase so me too i don…

Me: can we go!!
I shouted but quickly regained myself. I entered inside the taxi and i got to the church.

I dipped my hand inside my pocket and brought out five thousand naira note and gave him.

Driver; madam thank you, haa God bless you madam.

He was showering me with praises but i didn’t care for one bit.

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I entered inside the church, went and saw the holy priest in his white garment as usuall.

Priest: the blessing of the lord be upon you. Take a seat please.

We sat down on a bench inside the church. Truly speaking, i couldn’t remember the last time i entered inside a church. I couldn’t remember the last time i worshipped God but here am i, ready to make a covenant with him.

Priest: so what brought you into the house of the lord.

I took a deep breath, opened my mouth and told the priest everything, everything from the beginning to this present day…

Me: if only he could just wake up, i promise to serve the lord Jesus Christ all the day of my life. I promise to be nice and be respectful to everyone.

Priest: hmm, what a touching story but are you ready to keep the covenant you are about to make?

Me: yes i am.

He held my hands and prayed for me. I also surrounded my life to Jesus Christ and i could swear that i felt peace within me..

I stayed around with the priest for a while and stood up to go when my phone rang. I looked and it was Miracle calling me.
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