My Celebrity Girlfriend Episode 8


I woke up and the room was dark so i couldn’t observe my environment.

Me: Argghh

i groaned in pains. From my head to my toe ache badly. I couldn’t move and the worse part of it is that i feel as if i am sitting on a chair.

Me: doctor!! Doctor!!!!

I shouted

Bros: ahh Idris you don wake.

Me: *wait a minute, thats not the voice of the doctor.* abeg who you be?

I asked as Bros switched on the light. It was then i saw that i was inside somebody’s sitting room.

Me: abeg who you be.

Bros: ah ah, which kind useless question be that.

Me: *crying* abeg bros,, tell me the truth, who are you and how i take come here?

Bros: no be you waka with your leg come here come watch super story yesterday.

Me: *slowly remembering everything.. What is even wrong with me, just because of one girl i started going mad. Maybe after now i go meet TB Joshua for deliverance* Abeg una get wheelbarrow?

Bros: yes!

Me: you go carry am take me go hospital. From there you go understand more.
The doctor was in his office with Samuel and idris mother. He was looking so panicked. If the news get to the public, the hospital would be closed down for sure. Just then, a nurse ran inside the office.

Nurse: erm doc, doc, doc, idris..

She stammered pointing at the door. They quickly rushed towards the door without letting her to finish her statement.

Lo and behold, they saw a young man pushing a wheelbarrow with me inside.

The nurses took me to my ward while my mother was very happy. Samuel and the doctor interrogated the young man.

Bros told them the simple truth while the doctor drew Samuel into his office.

Doctor: what that young man is saying is very suspicious!

Samuel: i agree with you doctor. How can a sick man leave the hospital to watch super story?

Doctor: it is impossible and it is the greatest lie i have ever heard.

Samuel: i am suspecting that the guy kidnapped idris.

Doctor: yes you are right, idris was kidnapped and i am calling the police right now.

Samuel: thats a nice idea.
Bros stood up. He had many work to do at home. The more he thought of the situation the more confused he got. One minute he was with a healthy man and the next minute, the same man couldn’t walk or move.

Bros: crazy world it is.

He said as he walked towards the door but was stopped by policemen.

Sergeant: stop there young man.

Bros: wetin i do.

Sergeant: shut up. You are hereby arrested for HUMAN KIDNAPPING. Whatever you say or do shall be use against you in the court of law. Boys take him!!

He ordered and bros was arrested.
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Port Harcourt Same day

Miracle, a young beautiful girl came running inside the sitting room of their huge mansion. She was the exact replica of her senior sister stephanie though stephanie has large boobs and a-s more than her.

Miracle: daddy, daddy!!

Chief Sunday: yes my angel.

Miracle: its now all over the internet. Big sis has broken her relationship with Jim iyke. According to what was written here, she was at fault again.

Ma’am Nancy ran out of the kitchen and looked into the ipod.

Ma’am Nancy: not again, oh my dear stephanie.

She said collapsing on a nearby chair.

Chief Sunday couldn’t take it anymore. Thats the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Enough is enough.

He picked his phone and called his daughter.

Chief Sunday: stephanie, meet me here at home in less than 10 minutes.

He said and cut the call. Time to set things right.
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