My Celebrity Girlfriend Episode 5


They were surprised immediately.
Capon: but i think say you be airborne na?
Me: *lying on the floor crying with blood gushing out of my head* abeg brother.. I no be airborne abeg. Please forgive me..
Capon: forgive you wetin *gboa slap* forgive you wetin.
Girl: honey make una kill am quick quick na, una dey delay. Him never even pay for my recharge card oo..
Me: *crying* Abeg aunty, please forgive me..
I was begging when the other guy brought the fuel, tyres and petrol.
Capon: make we break him bones first.
I thought they were playing but they broke my two legs with the heavy plank.
After breaking my legs, they used the heavy planks and broke my right hand. My bones were broken into pieces.
Then after, they turned me and my back was facing them while my face was on the ground. I couldn’t talk much because i was very weak.
Capon: oya bring am
he said and they used something heavy and heat my back so hard.
*cracks cracks*
My spinal cord was broken and i fainted instantly. Then they started putting the tyres on my head. Thats all i could remember.
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Samuel: hahahhahahahahahahaha.
Samuel: *laughing so hard and rolling on the floor*
i woke up as a result of too much laughter from Samuel. My whole body was covered with plaster.
My legs and hands were tied up to the ceiling like slaves they wanted to sell.
I looked around my environment and noticed i was inside a hospital and Samuel was sitting besides me..
Me: *groaned in pain* sa.. Sa.. Samuel!!!
Samuel: *laughing* First class ode. So na so you for use die.
Me: *in pains* u go die..idiot. How.. I..use. come here?
Samuel: mumu, you get luck say police come in time when the guys won burn you… Na the police save you. But seriously, so that time when you call me you even dey inside wahala?
Me: *in pains* yess.. Na.
Samuel: mumu, and because of one yeye steph…
Me: *forgot about the pains and shouted* thunder fire you for insulting my celebrity crush, you know say she talk to me?
Me: ahhhhhhhhhh *i groaned in intense pain*
Samuel: hahaha. Sorry oo.. If to say i know say you dey inside trouble, i for come but when you call me, you dey laff and i think say na joke.
Me: *silent*
Samuel: your bag containing your cv dey there including your phone *pointing to my bag* na through the phone dey even use call me..
Just then the doctor came in.
Doctor: good day Samuel and erm…
Samuel: Idris
Doctor: Mr Idris, i have seen that you have woken up, thank God for the police. Those hoodlumps would have killed you.
Samuel: thank God oo.. So what does the scan says.
Doctor: well, almost all his bones were broken. Luckily, his spinal cord is ok.. He will have to stay here for at least a year and when he is discharged, he will start using wheel chair for two years before he will start learning how to walk again!
Me: *chaiiii*
Samuel: ok, thank you doctor. Lemme go and inform his mum. His father is late and he is the one trying to take care of the family. I will be back in the evening to check on him.
Doctor: oh, thats nice of you…
Me: th..thank you ve..very much.
He stood up and went home while the doctor went to his office.
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Samuel was not yet back, he called the doctor saying he will be coming by 9. The doctor ordered the nurses to let him in before he closed his office and went home.
Nurses started gossiping.
Nurse 1: abeg abigial you go cover for me oo..
Nurse 2: why na?
Nurse 1: i won go out go watch super story na.
Immediately my ear stand. Them they near my ward so i dey hear them clearly.
Nurse 3: na true ooo. Today na Thursday. Na today’s episode we go see with stephanie later do nonso.
Nurse 2: na true oo.. Remember say she been hold knife dat time.
Me: *iyeeeeee, me wey no dey miss super story wey stephanie dey na me won come miss am now?*
Nurse 1: abeg make we go before e go start. Leave the door open but jam am oo incase that Mr Samuel come.
She said and left hurriedly.
The next other nurses locked up all the offices, clear the tables and hid the important documents and left.
Me: *i look time 8:45* no probs.
Me: *i look time 8:50* no probs.
Me: *i look time 8:55* no probs.
Me: *i look time 8:59* yeeee, e go soon start ooo.
I jumped up from the bed, removed the plaster and everything wey dey my body and tear race.
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