Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 93


​Me: the joy i felt just seeing her move a bit was so overwhelming, i tried calming down but then i found my self staring anxiously.
Dera: after i few turning, she slowly opened her eyes, while her retina tried adapting to the bright light in the room, and soon they shown wide open. She looked around to see lucas staring at her, as his eyes sparkled beautifully, the cute curvy smile on his lips made her smile back.
Me: how are you feeling my love i asked trying to calm down.
Dera: help me sit she murmured.
Me: i quickly helped her up, moved the food close to her. Here, the doctor said you have to eat something when you wake i said with a smile.
Dera: my right arm still hurts she murmured weakly smiling abit.
Me: i sat close to her slowly feeding it to her, making sure she eat as much as possible.
After awhile she stopped eating, i gave her water and she seemed a little bit more like her old self.
Dera: did you get my car she asked with searching eyes.
Me: yeah its in the school, well cleaned up i said with a smile.
Dera: you took it to the car wash she asked abit shocked.
Me: nodding you look so shocked.
Dera: by chance did you find my bag??
Me: oooh yeah, i found a black bag at the back, it seem to contain a medium sized laptop. Well you have nothing to worry about its in my room untouched i said assuringly.
Dera: exhaling deeply as she relaxed abit, thank you luke she said smiling.
Me: am really glad you are ok dera, could you plsss tell me what you were doing there so late at night. Yeah i know it too early asking someone who just recovered such questions but i was dying of curiousity.
Dera: she really couldnt start explaining things to him right here. Aaaaaww she yelled abit holding her right arm abit, like it hurts.
Me: easy love, you really need alot of rest dera i said while she nodded. I’d be back i said rushing out to get the doctor.
She came in with a few nurses again, holding a silver tray containing syringe and some fluid.
Doctor: you’d have to relax a bit dear, we’d give you some painkillers.
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Me: i just held her left arm.
Doctor: you have nothing to worry about, by tomorrow you’ll feel nothing on your right arm, plus you’d be able to move it, just like you used to she said with a smile. She mixed the liquids, giving the needle a slight hit and then she gave it to her.
Me: i watched her for a while and soon she feel asleep.
Doctor: she’ll be completely fine by tomorrow she said and then they left. It was dark already, i left the hospital.
Driving back to my dorm a whole lot of thoughts ran through my head, i was so eager to know how she got injured and where she went to, so late at night. Just then i recalled how relaxed she was when i told her, i kept her bag safe in my room.
Me: yes!! Am sure its got something very important, am gonna have to check it out i thought as i walked to my room.
I got in taking the bag out, and was about ziping it open. Are you sure you wanna get mixed up in all this?? A voice asked in my head
Me: no matter how i think about it, somehow i still feel it isnt right going through her stuff without her permission. More than anyone i think i understand the word privacy, i guess i’ll just have to wait till she fill me in i thought as i fell into my bed. Slept so relaxed, i was really glad she was fine now. And ofcourse i woke a few times to study.
Ricky spent the whole day in the library not because he loved to read but because he was having a hard time convincing mira to have fun with him. He had no other choice than to study while she did. After long hours of studying it was dark already.
Ricky: hahhaha i cant believe you made me do a very impossible thing.
Mira: which is?
Ricky: reading of course, its really tiring but i think reading with you by my side was really awesome.
Mira: uhmm you mean you dont like reading, then how do you intend getting a good grade.
Ricky: have got my way around everything he said with a mischievious smirk.
Mira: dont tell me you cheat!!
Ricky: ooh come on!! Its not called cheating, its about being smarter he said with a grin.
Mira: you are really naughty.
To be continued