Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 52


​Finally we left after alot of hugs and goodbyes and then we hit the road in dad’s limo while damian drove in his car.
Me: you think she’s gonna be fine joe.
Joe: smiling abit absolutely its all gonna wear of after a day or two.
Ricky: yea i know that too.
Soon we fell asleep on the long ride to school. Just then we heard joe’s voice.
Joe: boy’s it time to go!!
Ricky: are we in school?? He asked yarwning.
Joe: yes we are
Me: looking out of the window yea i think so too. We got down from the car stretching. Walked into the boys dorm.
Ricky: mehn! Am so going back to sleep.
Me: same thing i have in mind i said as we both smiled leaving for our rooms.
He drove pass a glocery store, when he saw a sparkling diamond necklace which caught his fancy, he hits the breaks reversing his car to take a better look.
Damian: am sure this is gonna look good on her he said pulling over and then he remembered he’s got no credit card. S–t!!! He yelled as he walked into his car frustrated heading straight to school.
The weekend was quite a busy one, all she did was sneak in and out of the warehouse. Its been really tough on her but then she’s signed her death wish, she knew it gonna be difficult. She’d rather die trying than let those murderers breath their free air of injustice. Last night she was on the watch when she saw a man strolling out of the ware house knocked him out and dragged his unconscious body into the trunk of her car. Drove back to her house tied him up in the basement with a blindfold around his eyes. She got out and was back with a bucket of water, emptying its content on him as he gasped for air.
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Man: who are you why am i tied he asked in a hurry, his voice showing how tensed he was.
Dera: its simple i just need you to answer a few questions and i’ll let you leave.
Man: why should i believe you.
Dera: because i could kill you right away she yelled plunging a dagger deep into his right lap.
Man: aaaaaaaaarrrrghhh ok ok he cried in pains, evidently shown on his face. What is it you wanna know he cried!
Dera: who murdered agent vahn she asked softly.
Man: i really dont who, but am sure its the authorities.
Dera: am gonna asked again and this time the dagger is gonna pierce your spleen so get talking!!! She yelled.
Man: plsss have told you everything i know, we dont really have access to such information except for mr cornel. But there’s a spider box in his possession only a few people knows it exist, i only heard it accidentally, am sure it will be of help he said breathing deeply, i really dont wanna die plssss that all i know.
Dera: its alright you really dont have to die but your gonna have to forget we ever had this conversation she said as she disolved a powder substance in a glass of water.
Man: what are you gonna do to me he asked in terror. She Held his mouth open as he struggled and then she poured it in. Sweet dreams she said tapping his shoulder gently. And then dropped his unconscious body close to the sea shore. Staring at his body for a while, she knew deep down she could never kill anyone, now she just figured a better way of revenge.
Dera: am gonna have to get that box and the world will have to see them like the monster they are and then their freedom will be taken away, she thought as she turned around to leave, the sky was begining to get bright.
To be continued