Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 50


​Pamela: sipping the coffee woow this tastes good, uhmm roger do you guys drink this everyday?
Roger: uh huh we’d never miss it for anything in the world.
Pamela: hahah i get it, now i perfectly understand why lucas never skip a day with out coming to work.
Me: hahahahha
Liz: smiling you can say that again.
He’s now officially a partner to MJ, he began to execute his initial plan immediately and discreetly, he’s bought a few shares already. He had a meeting with milano at weekend. He didnt intend keeping him for too long, he just wanted a friendly chat with him and perhaps get to know him better as they talked about abit of business, like the saying goes keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer!
**********l Lucas*************
After a long chat, my phone rang and it was dad.
Me: hello dad
Milano: were are you guys?
Me: in my office
Milano: you’all have just 3mins to be down here or am leaving without you guys.
Me: ricky dad’s already down, we have just 3mins or he’s gonna leave us behind i said jumping from the table i sat. Hurried to the door as ricky quickly followed, if there’s anytime to joke around this is definitely not the time, dad hates to be kept waiting not even for a sec.
Pamela: wait for me she yelled grabbing her bag
Liz: byeee lucas!! She yelled smiling.
Roger: you seem quite fond of him he said smiling.
Liz: haha yeah we bond alot more easier.
Sam: someone is getting jealous and they all laughed.
We got to the car just in time with pamela trailing behind. We entered the limo to see dad already seated.
Milano: you guys are 2seconds late!
Sorry dad! We chorused. Just then pamela opened the door breathing heavily as she got in. Taking a deep gulp of her reserved water.
Pamela: dad i cant believe you made your only daughter run like a crazy person!!
Milano: did i?? He asked
Pamela: you wait until mum hears how you treated her princess.
Milano: hello karen he said talking into his phone, how about you bring that huge pink teddy to my house now.
Karen: i’ll be there
Milano: thank you. He said ending the call. Now how about a cute teddy for my princess.
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Pamela: that will be awesome she said smiling. While ricky and i stared at each other like we have the same thought going through our mind. She just blackmailed dad!!! I thought.
Ricky: she’s really a superwitch he said in his head.
We got home not quite long to see the teddy on the couch as she jumped on it, holding it in her arms.
Pamela: guys!! She said as she turned to show the teddy to lucas and ricky but they’ve vanished, She just chuckled as she walked to damian’s room
Ricky: dude!! I cant believe you worked with 3hot ladies and you didnt tell me about it.
Me: haahah and what would you have done.
Ricky: looking up as he smiled you’d never know but then i still think becky is hot and liz has a crush on you.
Me: stop being naughty we are friends.
Ricky: like friends with benefit he said winking.
Me: hahaha crazy dude, am begining to think you and pamela look alot alike than you know it. Just then we heard a knock on the door.
Ricky: thats her, go get the door am sleeping.
Me: not so fast boy this is my room your gonna have to leave, i said smiling.
Damian: you have nothing to worry about its me so open up.
Me: hahah its damian go get the door. Ricky smiled as he walked to the door, unlocked it and threw the door open.
Damian: sorry guys she took my phone!
Pamela: smiling as she walked in, were you guys hiding she asked?
To be continued