Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 46


​Milano was off to his room to change into something more casual, he still had his tux on.
Vanessa: moving closer to have better look of luke’s face when damian came out of nowhere.
Damian: am trying to have a good sleep but i keep hearing my name!!
Vanessa: damian! When did you become this violent? She asked.
Damian: what have i done?
Vanessa: you really dont know, she asked with a perplexed looks. I huess you are happy you did that to your brother.
Damian: oooh! that was self defence he said as he made to leave. While everyone stared at him like he was crazy.
Milano: damian he called as he walked down the stairs.
Damian: hello dad he said with a smile.
Milano: he sat on the couch asking everyone to seat. Damian can you tell me why you did that. He said pointing at the plaster on lucas face.
Damian: well dad he was gonna hit me, that was purely self defence.
Milano: pissed i dont ever want to here that piece of crap again. You called that self defence??
Damian: nodding slightly
Milano: have you ever listened to yourself?? Well am really disapointed in you guys, fighting over a girl is the reason am gonna punish you guys. Now drop your credit cards on the table. He ordered as they both dropped it on the glass table. Luke your gonna have to go aweek without money and damian you are going 2weeks without money, am sure your gonna fight to eat.
Pamela: dad lucas was injured he doesnt have to be punished, damian deserve all the punishment.
Milano: he is gonna learn not to fight over a girl he said picking the cards and walked into his room as vanessa quickly followed.
Vanessa: honey i think you should come up with something else they need those cards in school do you want them to starve?
Milano: they have ricky he said smiling a bit no one is starving he added.
What he just saw kinda made him burst into laughter he really cant imagine 2 stranded guys accompanying him to school. While damian stood to leave.
Pamela: quickly stood up damian dont you ever touch my lucas again!!! She yelled.
Damian: turning back swiftly a bit pissed she quickly ran away hidding behind ricky.
Pamela: whoa what is wrong with him she asked in shock.
Ricky: love! He said with his eyes fixed like he was going A-crowd.
Pamela: slapping his arm hard.
Ricky: aaaaaww he yelled.
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Pamela: am 100% sure you were adopted. Otherwise your thinking would have been alot more straighter.
Me: hahahaha i think so too
Ricky: huuh!! he said holding his chest, am your big bro!
Pamela: hahah no your not thats my big bro over there she said wrapping her hand over lucas neck with her tongue out.
Ricky: hahaha well am not surprised, you are a witch and he’s a wizard that makes both of you.
Ricky!!!! They both yelled in unison.
Ricky: hahaha #tongues out#
Pamela: woow ricky your watch is cool.
Ricky: styles top delivery he said smiling with alot of pride.
Me: i gave it to him #tongues out#
Pamela: hahhaa i knew it, he knows nothing about fashion she said moving close to him, while he looked away she bit his arm.
Ricky: aaaaaaaarrrrrgggh he yelled like he was gonna cry. What was that for??
Pamela: smiling thats for calling me a witch.
Ricky: aaaw that hurts he said with a squeezed face
Pamela: i know she said smiling, look what joe brought she said while ricky turned back to see, she bit him again on the left.
Ricky: he screamed as he ran away, i cant believe you now drink blood!! He yelled.
Me: hahahah nice way to shut that dude up.
Pamela: yeaa!! She said giving him a hi five. Just then they heard ricky’s voice from the gallery.
Ricky: am gonna be back for you guys, am just taking a break!!
To be continued