Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 40


Everyone was ready as they drove down in 2 limo’s one with the security in front and the other one which had mirabel in it at the back, they drove for over 2hours and finally they were in baywood, they drift left and right for a while searching for the house with 114 and after a while they found a one storey beach house building.
Mirabel: i think this should be the place she said. Gale go in there and get me Garet donovan, she ordere the security man who brought the details, he quickly got out of the car walked into the house. It was a bit lonely and quiet, the house was made of white polished wood and lots of flower around. He walked to the door ringing the bell when an aged woman came out of the house.
Garet: yes how my i help you she asked.
Gale: i suppose you are Mrs donovan.
Garet: yes she nodded.
Mirabel: looking from her window to see the aged lady talking to gale, she just couldnt wait anymore, she opened her door got down and walked towards the house, as her personal securities quickly escorted her, while the drivers stayed behind. Hello she said smiling a bit.
Garet: looking so shocked, mirabel??
Mirabel: its a wonderful thing you still remember i think it gonna make all this alot easier.
Garet: abit startled but why are you here?.
Mirabel; i was hoping i’d be treated alittle bit like a guest
Garet: yes plsss come in she said leaving the way as mirabel walked in, 2 of the men followed. While the last 3 waited outside.
Mirabel: sitting on the sofa, its been a while she said smiling.
Garet: yeah she said but am still wondering what business you have with me she asked with smiles.
Mirabel: well i suppose you’d remember this, she said handing over the documents containing details about her daughter. It is stated that i gave birth to a set of twin lucas and ashley.
Garet: how did she get this she asked herself, it was quite.shocking but she quickly hid it.
Mirabel: went further with her questioning. I suppose you’d have a logical explanation for that because you delivered those kids.
Garet: well i know its something to worry about but this was definitely an error, you gave birth to just lucas.
Mirabel: well she sounded convincing enough but then martha’s action showed her something was definitely not right she smiled. Really??
Garet: yes she said nodding.
Mirabel: you know quite well i was mentally ill then but right now i do remember alot of things, like the scan result. She said looking straight into garet’s eyes.
Garet: looking downwards, its really complicated plsss you have to understand i cant say anything to you.
Mirabel: ok i’ll make it easy for you, how about a first class flight to georgia. 
Garet: to do what she cut in?
Mirabel: have got just a classy house suite in monte carlo, it gonna be yours, plus am gonna give you a million dollar check. You’ve come of age, you can consider this your retirement pension from me. You can start a whole new life.
Garet: exhaling i would love to help but i cant she said sadly.
Mirabel: or you’d rather keep mute and spend the remaining part of your miserable life in jail! She yelled a bit.
Garet: shocked no no am really too old for jail, he’s influencial too, he threatened me with my child, i cant take that risk.
Mirabel: you have absolutely nothing to worry about, you both are gonna be way out of reach, you can aswell go to australia if you want. Am really running out of patient garet, dont make me change my mind otherwise your definitely gonna tell me what i want to hear, but in alot of pain and misery.
Garet: ok ok fine she said amidst sobs, am only but an aged woman plss dont get mad, am gonna tell you everything!
To be continued