Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 37


After a very long sleep on his bed she rolled to the left were he laid hoping to hit him but there was nothing in her way, she looked around and he wasnt anywhere in the room. She wondered how she slept that much it was getting dark already, just then the door flew open.
Me: looks like someone had a wonderful sleep i said dropping the book i took from the library on my locker, its gonna be a long night of reading, thats my way of getting along over the years when i become so troubled about something or miss someone(mum) so bad i just stuff my head up with a lot of books, and like now thats exactly what i planned, i knew i couldnt just wipe dera off my memory but thinking about her was gonna make me want to keep trying to apologize, in the end thats gonna make me feel guilty over nothing i did and i wouldnt want to be that pathetic.
Isabel: yea your bed feels so nice i guess thats why, it feels different too she said smiling.
Me: really, i could lend you that bed for another night, thats if you want, i said smiling.
Isabel: really!! She said smiling
Me: yup i said sitting close to my reading table, my mind werent helping at all, i kept getting playbacks of my conversation with dera, i knew i wasnt willing to accept the fact that i was hurt, somehow my heart ached and it kinda made me feel bad. Exhaling, yea i know am scared of being idle or going to sleep becaus i was afraid am gonna miss her company, i finally admitted to myself as i just stared at the table lost in thought.
Isabel: are you alright?? She asked
Me: uhmm yeah just going over a few things, stop being noisy i said as i drifted all my concentration into the book leaving no room for thought about dera, it was begining to look like she occupied more of my mind than i knew.
Mirabel: well like i said my memory was a bit messy otherwise i’d have recalled the scan result. So tell me all i need to know.
Matron: she knew what happened but how on earth was she gonna say anything to her, its gonna be a huge trouble and she wanted no part of it. I really know nothing about that ma’am am sure you remembered i was not the delivery nurse.
Mirabel: smiling abit, perhaps am way too polite. Lets get some things clear martha, i really hoped you werent gonna take my niceness for granted, if i were you i’d rather start talking she said with straight face.
Martha: looking so shocked at the fact she remembered her name, she was really getting confused on what to say to her, perhaps she remembered a few thing so she couldnt risk lying to her, she thought but the nurse in question is her friend.
Mirabel: get talking already she said with raised eye brows.
Martha: i really have nothing to do with it, but i know the nurse who went into the delivery room with you.
Mirabel: you were there too she said looking at her in the eye. Fine i’d rather talk to that nurse she said.
Martha: her name is Garet she moved to serra rico town last year, am sure shes got all the details you’d want to hear she said shaking a bit.
Mirabel: looking at her am gonna send someone over to get every details, we are gonna need to find her from you, until then thank you she said smiling a bit.
Martha: can i go now she asked
Mirabel: ofcourse but you have to know, i really have zero tolerance for pranks, you were a nice person in the past, i wouldnt want you to get on my bad side, it might ruin the little nice relationship we had, but for my daughter i really dont care.
Martha: i’d keep that in mind she said as she left
To be continued