Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 11


he went in search of dera as planned, but she was no were to be found, he decided to ask a few ladies in the girls dorm, and finally someone gave him a detailed info. She said she saw luke carrying her in his arms, it looks like an emergency, they should be in the hospital, but she could swear she was fine before he visited.
Damian: what did you do to her he asked angrily!!!
Me: looking confused, as i dropped the spoon standing up so we could talk. I bet you are getting this all wrong cos i really dont know what you are talking about.
Damian: swiftly grabbing his shirt dont give me that s–t!! What did you do to her!!
Dera: stop it damian she said weakly.
I guess his yelling was heard as a few nurse rush in with the security to escort him outside.
Me: without a word i sat next to her, ensuring her mouth was filled with rice, leaving no room for words as we sat in silent, she seem to be trying to say something just when i was abit giving her another spoon filled with rice she held my hand. Taking her time to chew the large portion of rice already stuffed in her mouth.
Dera: am sorry about that ok.
Me: you really dont have to say anything i understand
Dera: you do?? She said looking so suprised
Me: smiling yup now eat your food i said feeding it to her. After a while she was tired of eating. The nurse came in again
Nurse: she needs to clean up got any cloths with you she asked.
Me: yea i said reaching for my back as dera watched in suprised, as i took out a pink sleeveless dark jacket and a dark kneel length jeans and a pink shoe.
Dera: you were in my wardrope she asked abit shocked.
Me: yea just to get these i said smiling a bit. As i left the room to wait at the reception.
Drove back to school angrily, right now he couldnt pin point the cause of his rage, whether to admit that lucas and dera looked so good together or the fact that some girl told him lucas had a hand with her present health condition. He got down slaming the door angrily as he walked towards the boys dorm, ricky was strolling out.
Ricky: whoa whoa!! Why do you have those look on!!
Damian: when next you see lucas you better keep him away from me cos am gonna kill him!! When i find him. He yelled as he passed flaggerbast ricky.
Ricky: shaking his head as he walked away he knew damian was really pissed so he kept his opinions to himself as he walked straight to the cafe. Got snacks and drinks, located an empty table and was about eating when a beautiful blonde hair girl sat in front of him.
Girl: hello rico martinez
Ricky: looking obviously shocked lately no one calls him rico. Hmmm you seem to know me real good.
Girl: smiles who doesnt know the always fun loving ricky she said.
Ricky: smiling i’ll take that as a complement, permit me for not knowing who you are, hope you dont mind telling me.
Girl: smiling# of course i dont, but am sure you do know me, you just cant remember the event ricky, she said with a smile.
Ricky: giving a smirk she does sound flirty and pretty too, i could add her to my league of ladies he thought grinning. Perhaps you should enlighten me he said slowly in more like whispers.
Girl: i am isabel she said grining
To be continued