Mother Who Ordered “Angelic” Pictures With Dead Daughter Is Now Charged With Killing Her ​Jeanie Ditty, 23, ​ is charged with first-degree murder and negligent child abuse.


Good morning beautiful people, this morning’s story is about child abuse, my question is how do you manage to abuse a child you gave birth to yourself, after all the pain and the love that usually comes with having the child, what could a two years old little girl have done so wrong? this story is courtesy




North Carolina mother Jeanie Ditty, 23, and her boyfriend Zachary Keefer, 30, were arrested last week for the murder of Ditty’s 2-year-old daughter Macy Grace. According to the Fayette Observer, a distraught Ditty reached out to photographer Sunny Jo two days after Macy’s death to ask him to create “angelic” photos of the toddler for her.

Jo offers a “one more time” service where he superimposes a dead loved one onto photos for clients. When Ditty approached him and offered to pay the $500 fee, he waived it because she was so upset. He can’t “sleep since [the murder charges] happened,” he told PEOPLE. “The only thing that helps me out is me thinking I didn’t do it for Jeanie I did it for the spirit of Macy. The only thing I was trying to do was help a grieving mother. I just wanted to make someone happy who was going through a tough time.”


According to ArmyTimes, Ditty, who serves as a chemical, biological, radiation and nuclear specialist for the military, brought Macy to a local emergency room on Dec. 4 of last year. Macy had “bruises all over her body” and “life-threatening injuries consistent with child abuse.” She died a few days later.


ABC 11 reports warrants for Ditty and Keefer’s arrests were issued last week because the county medical examiner officially ruled then that Macy’s death was a homicide. Ditty was arrested immediately — Keefer went missing for a few days but then turned himself in to the Cumberland County Detention Center. They are both charged with first-degree murder and negligent child abuse, and are being held without bond.



  1. I can’t find the answers to your questions because I’m asking myself the same things. Why would a mother do that to her own kid? I can’t fathom the rage that may have driven her to abuse the poor child.

  2. Jasmine, what would cause a woman to drop her new born baby in a public toilet? what would “motivate” woman to wrap up her baby and leave it on the refuse dump or by the roadside??? what would cause a woman to poison all her children thru their food???
    so many factors ….
    * the woman isn’t ready to be a mother
    * she got pregnant as a result of rape
    * she found a new love who can’t / won’t accept the baby/ child (that is if he isn’t the baby daddy)
    * getting pregnant and having the child had put an end to a much cherished dream
    * or, the woman is simply nuts and needs to be examined and locked away

    there are more reasons one can think of

    • Trust me dear I think the answer is ignorance, cos babies have got nothing to do with the mother’s lost love, paid, non readiness, rape or whatever, they are amazingly unique blessings on their own

      • ignorance is the word ….so out of ignorance they see all these reasons (listed in my post) and more to commit the atrocities against those sweet innocent ones.

        hmmmm only God

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