Mad In Love Episode 19



Seeing Clara in handcuffs being led away in a police van, I would agree gave me a good feel of peace. Although I had hoped she would tell me where my son was.

I could see her facial expression as she screamed ” he’s in hell” wondering if she was just faking it or she really hated her own child.

I sighed making a note in my mind to make it my priority to look for my son as soon as Jennifer was released from prison.

Hours before, I went direct to the lawyer I hired for Jen and played the recording for him after having her spit out her plans. I sent him a copy and another one I forwarded to my friend just in case something happened to me.

” This will definitely have your wife set free without doubt” the lawyer smiled at me.

” Yeah, she’s not my wife yet but I intend to make her mine as soon as possible.” I smiled back at him.

” You must love her so much.” He nodded his head.

” I adore her, she taught me the meaning of true love and there is no one who has ever sacrificed so much for me like she has done man, and for that I will always be indebted to her” I said as a matter of fact.

” Let me get going now I have some other people I would want to see ” l stood sighing.

” I know the drug issue right?” The lawyer chuckled.

” Sure, I can’t just wait for that Clara to get in jail were she belongs. I don’t feel okey with her outside just a couple of days from the trial. You know how she is” I shrugged as the man saw me to the car.

From his office I went straight to the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) to report the drugs Mulenga told me about.

They seemed concerned about how I came to know of such but Couldn’t tell them who gave me the information. After some minutes I convinced them to give it a short and ambush the company premises that night to see if my report had some steak to it.

I offered to join the squared, more like I wanted to be sure, she was there and apprehended. The outcome of which pleased me so much I felt relieved.

I couldn’t wait for morning for me to rush to the Prison and tell the good news to Jennifer.

As I murmured to a song driving back home I saw a man standing close to the house.

My heart leaped a bit as I stared at his image.

As l approached him he moved away pretending to be going forward. A thought told me I was being stalked and I couldn’t think of anyone else but Clara’s right hand man.

I parked the car and rushed inside locking the door immediately.

Switching on the living room lights I rushed out through the back door and called on the police as I ran to the house in the next yard.

In less than 20 minutes a police car parked in my yard and I ran to tell them about the stalker. To confirm my report the police realised the front door was broken implying someone had attempted to break in.

Unfortunately the sirens must have given him a warning and he ran off before the cops could get there.

I had to sleep on the couch for fear of being caught unprepared , by the same thug that night.

The following morning I quickly cleaned myself up and drove to the prison my heart rejoicing at the news I hard for Jennifer.

I watched her as the warderess led her to the visiting room. My mouth grinning I couldn’t hold the happiness I was feeling in my heart.

” My love!” I exclaimed pulling her in an embrace as the warderess shoot me an eye of watch out.’

” I missed you” she smiled looking at my face. ” lt seems some one is happy today” she sighed as she sat down.

” Guess what ?” I held her hand.

” Come on love, please don’t let the suspense kill me spit it out already. Am I free to go?” She responded impatience written all over her face.

” Soon enough my love. I wish it was today but unfortunately we have to wait for the trial for you to be released” I told her

” What happened? ” she asked seemingly not convinced with the news I was just telling her.

I went on explaining how the case was. Telling her I had recorded Clara’s conversation where she spoke of her plan of wanting us to pay. How she plotted the murder of my mother and all the things she had ranted out.

” The lawyer has just confirmed the case will be a walk over with a line of charges Clara has lined up against her. It’s all over soon and you are coming back home” I smiled.

She was quiet for a minute and I saw her sobbing. Tears rolling down her face.

” What is it love?” I asked concerned.

” I can’t believe this day has come when l got to hear this news. I don’t even know what to say now, this place is horrible and all I have been thinking of is leaving, now that the good news is here, I can’t…” She raised her hands wiping the tears.

” Stop now babe, you are going to be out sooner than you thought, God is on our side. He has seen us through” I laughed comforting her.

” Yeah!” She sighed ” am so stupid right? Instead of being happy, here I am crying like a baby” she sniffed.

” No you are not. I understand you babe. You have been through hell. But now all this is over, you are coming back home with me ” I went on making her shake her head and smile between tears.

” Thank you so much” she sighed and I pulled her hand towards myself.

” lt was my mess to sort. You are here because of me and I couldn’t let a day pass without working on plans to get you out.” I whispered.

I went on telling her about the drugs and my sisters. ” Oh my God that woman is really stained in her heart” she shook her head.

” How can she treat your entire family like that. It’s not like you people took something of hers. It’s just too much I think she’s sick in the head, a normal person cannot harbour so much hatred in her heart, it seems so impossible” she added.

” Now let’s talk about you” I changed the subject slowly rubbing her hands.

” How are you holding up and am sorry for not coming yesterday, I had a long day and I only got home late at night. Being faced with Clara’s macho man who wanted to get the recording from me.

I thank God, I saw him earlier before he entered the yard and I was ready for him. I left the house through the back door and called on the cops who caught him searching the house. I bet he was foolish to think l would keep such information in the house after everything that went on” I told my story to Jen and she listened quietly

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The following day was the trial day and the lawyer I hired presented his case before hand to the Judge emphasising the fact that Clara was the murderer.

Clara was brought in looking so messed up, her hands in cuffs as compared to Jennifer who was allowed to walk freely given the conditions of her case.

” Court rise!” The court marshal called out as the Judge walked in. We were signalled to sit. I took a chair just behind Jennifer and the lawyer.

The prosecutor presented his statement which accused Jennifer of murdering my mother, he asked her a few questions which she responded to, clearly and accurately, stating what happened between her and myself and the events after.

He wanted to pin her on the fact that she had an intimate relationship with me which could be an act that would lead her to do certain things for example accuse Clara since she was my legal wife.

Jennifer’s lawyer also argued that point staying the facts that l was picked when I was still ill and so she did favour me by taking me for prayers and giving me medication which my wife never did for me.

Both my sisters were called to testify and Mulenga and Clara’s nephew too stated their testimonies to Clara’s doings. I saw her head down she couldn’t look up at anyone.

Clara was present to give her account against Jennifer but all her allegations seemed to be failing. In the end the Judge ruled Jennifer innocent and set another trial to prosecute Clara for now being the main suspect in the murder. Saying she would be charged jointly with other charges of drug trafficking, forging of documents to obtain the Kamanga company and properties using fraudulent means.

A lot of people that came for the hearing to hear the case of the famous story on social media now cheered loudly as the Judge pronounced Jennifer not guilty on all charges labelled on her.

I couldn’t stop smiling as l waited for her to get changed into her clothes from the prison she was held.

To be continued…