Mad In Love Episode 18



I felt my chest bulge with anger.” How can I be so stupid?” I screamed in anger as I hit the table.

Seeing Ben walk in my office should have warned me he was after something. I just realised after he left that the words I uttered could implicate me. I was so pissed I forgot the possibility of him recording the conversation.

” Maybe he just came to upset you mam” Manga responded casually.

“Are you serious right now?” I barked at him.

” You are so dull you know that! You think Ben can just come here to talk with me. Why didn’t he do that all these weeks but today? Am telling you Ben was recording that conversation and thanks to my big mouth, I just looted myself out. Confessing of all my crimes like an idiot, oh dammit I feel like a stupid fool right now”I paced around angrily.

” What now? do you want me to eliminate him?” Manga asked me in his deep voice irritating me at how calm he seemed when I was panicking.

” No, killing him will point straight to me especially that the trial is in 2 days” I frowned standing by the window trying to think through things.

” I wish my charm was still here. It could have solved all my problems but now that stupid witch Doctor refused to give me another one. I just have to handle things physically” I spat scornfully.

” I want you to go and find a way to snatch that recording from him tonight. We can’t afford to have him play it to someone else” I told Manga and he immediately stood up pulling down his jean trousers.

I sat back down turning in my chair. I just had a good deal with one of the drug loads and I was going to have a good evening when finally the money was paid, but Ben spoiled my mood I felt like having a strong wine.

I couldn’t leave the premises as l had to wait for the owners of the drugs to come pick them up so I had to stay in the office hating the feeling I was having. Something seemed so wrong and I needed to cool off my head.

” Hey John! Can you come over to my office?” I called my toy man wanting to have some quick sex in the office to calm me down. I didn’t want to get drunk so that was all I needed then.

I looked outside and saw the workers walking out the entrance. ” Good, it’s time these idiots left these premises” I murmured to myself. I knew only the guard would remain and it was not a problem paying him for his silence.

I was standing on my heals, the black office dress reaching the middle of my thighs and a white jacket on top. Feeling good about the expensive dress and I knew it looked great with the cream white heels on my feet.

” I love those legs” l heard John whisper as he got to the door. That’s one thing I loved about John, the guy was a sex maniac and I knew anytime I called on him he was ready to hit provided I had the cash ready for him.

I was beginning to hate the fact that I felt a bit attached to him and I had used him for more than I had hoped for. It was not easy to ignore his sexual skills and every time I was assured of maximum satisfaction.

“Mmmmmmh you like it huh?” I whispered pulling him closer after he locked the door and drew the curtains to the office.

” You have a mind blowing body woman and it’s hard to resist such beauty” John kissed my neck his hands rubbing my back as he pulled down the zip.

” I needed you badly, I have had some punk disturb my day and now that I can’t drink today, I called on you to give me that full service” I stammered as I felt his hands push in the dress reaching the straps of my bra.

” Good choice. You know I can give you all of me, just call on me!” He said in a singing voice.

” Oh yeah” I moaned as he pushed the dress up sliding his fingers in my thighs and kissing my lips gently.

He worked all round me and I cried for him to complete his mission. With a wide smile he lifted me to the table and pushed himself in me from the back.

After almost 20 minutes of reaching me some crazy orgasm, he pulled up his trousers and zipped it. I walked back to the table and pulled some notes handing him.

” Are you sure that’s all. You don’t want some more?” He asked coming to my back and kissing my still naked back.

” Just pull up my zip John and leave already!” I snapped now feeling irritated.

” Your loss! ” he shrugged and blew me a kiss hitting the cash on his palm and walking away.

I had to prepare myself for the arrival of the drug Lord so I quickly cleaned myself in the private room and did some quick make over on my face. Satisfied I looked okey, I went back to sit in my chair leaving the office door slightly open.

At exactly 19 pm l heard the sound of car engines outside and I sat up ready to receive my expected visitor.

” Hey beautiful!” A dark man with a potbelly called me out with a smile as he entered the office.

” Hey DK!” I called his initials as he was referred to by his people. ” Am honoured to have you here” I smiled looking at the briefcase one of his men was holding in his hand knowing my K100 000 cash was intact inside there.

” The honour is mine to be found in the presence of such a beauty!” He kissed my cheek as I greeted him.

We talked for a while and then he asked for his items. .” Come with me love” I flirted standing up and walking down with him and his three boys to the trucks where his things were.

I asked his boys to open the containers and they offloaded the packets heaping all the items together.

They just finished offloading the last bunch when we heard the sirens of police cars. Before any of us could act, we were surrounded by some armed men with police jackets written DEC.

” You b****! “DK yelled at me as he raised his hands up as instructed by the officers.

” You sold us out and you will pay for this” he spat angrily.

” No I didn’t do that I swear we had an agreement and I can not bail you out to the cops you know that” I shivered trying to reason and make him understand I had no idea what was going on.

” You are under arrest for being found in possession of dangerous drugs!” The DEC officer read the charge as they put hand cuffs on our hands.

” Am innocent I didn’t do anything” I screamed trying to loose my hands but they were tied.

As they lead the whole group to the back of a police vehicle, I saw Ben who come towards me smiling.

” Now you are on your route to making payment for all your evil deeds you evil witch!” He chuckled and showing off the phone of which I presumed was the recoding.

” Don’t even try to snatch this away. I already sent copies to some people. You are going down witch!” He smiled proudly.

“Ben so this was your doing!” I shouted at him.

” No Clara dear, this is your own work. Remember you reap what you sow. And am sure apart from the many years you will get for smuggling drugs, the addition of a murder charge will put you in forever” he smiled getting me so pissed, I felt I could tear him apart with my eyes.

” I will be back you idiot and you will pay for this!” I screamed at him.

” Where is my son Clara?” He asked walking besides me as they took me to others in the back of a closed van.

” ln hell!” I spat angrily and moved forward struggling to keep balance with my heels and hand cuffs. Some cameras flashed at us and I knew l was in deep s*** with the whole media giving the news that night.

” You will pay for this I swear!”I kept cursing as they pushed me inside the van next to the angry DK who kept shouting shot looked at me I felt my knees shiver.

To be continued…

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