Don’t wait until you know someone personally who is affected by a unfortunate situation before you support a good cause. That’s just so African. We are just used to supporting initiatives from the West because most home grown ones have hidden double agendas. Just like most of our relationships anyway. We are not an NGO. We are not getting any sponsors or aid organizations to back us. There will be no kick backs or honorariums or side cheques here. We are just a community of good people who can draw attention to ourselves and are using that visibility to draw attention to something that should be receiving way more attention than it is. Breast cancer kills more people than Ebola. We are not a solution but we can help draw attention to it. Attention that might raise someone’s awareness to the extent of saving a life. Let’s do this! ‪#‎KizalsaGoesPink‬11231030_1056705067707134_5505033331192721520_n

Gentlemen of Kizalsa… Post your pics. Support this!