Just A Dare Episode 31


I turn to Javier and he’s also staring at me with surprise in his eyes as if he had expected that to happen or more like, he was hoping that would be dared.

“I… I don’t think. ”
I stammer and they all chuckle except Zoe who’s staring at me from across the room shaking her head and with a sad look across her face.

“Come on, don’t be such a boring girl. Do it! ”
Beck says and I glare at him, earning a chuckle from him which makes me angry and I feel like punching him but I shouldn’t really do that. He’s Zoe’s boyfriend no matter what a jerk he’s trying to prove right now.

“I need to use the festoon please. ” I gulp in, standing up and hurrying making my way to the bathroom as their laughs and chuckles follows me behind but I’m determined to get out of there right at the moment.

I open the door to the restroom quickly, breathing out as I stare at myself in the mirror while I try to imagine his face once again. He didn’t even look a bit shaken, it seems almost as if he had expected me to really kiss him though I’m not sure if I shouldn’t have. What am I even saying?! Of course I shouldn’t! He’s there! With a girl! Whom I’m sure he has done something with before they both came. I don’t even want to think about that right now.

I sigh, splashing water on my face before removing my phone from my pocket to see if I would have gotten any calls from mother or any other person who cares enough to call me but there’s nothing. I’m about to put the phone back in my pocket when it vibrates and it’s a text from an unknown number. I cock my brows before opening and staring at the message.

*What the hell are you still doing in the restroom, I’m worried about you. Do I have to come to the bathroom to get you *

The text reads and at first, I had thought it would have been Zoe but I have Zoe’s contact with me so there’s no possibly way that this could be her and again, who the hell is texting me from that group with an unknown number that would be worried about the fact I’m not yet back there.

I shake my head, dropping the phone back in my pocket and about turning to leave the room when the door suddenly opens and I step back immediately, a gasp escaping through my lips as he steps inside the room and stare at me, his arms crossed against his chest.

“What are you doing here? ” I whisper, looking away from his watchful gaze and I can hear him breathe a sigh before taking a step towards me while I take another step.

“I was worried about you. ” He mutters and I scoff as he takes another step towards me while I take another back once again.

“Why are you acting like this? Did I do something wrong? I know that I shouldn’t have just left that day without a single word but I sincerely needed to go, I had things to do and others to settle. ” Seriously, that’s his excuse for leaving me like a fool and making me wait?

“Some things to do like bringing that girl here. I’m sure that you had nothing to do, you merely wanted to stay away from me after playing with me. Why else would you just showed up here if you had been so busy? ” I hiss loudly, staring up at him as my back hits against the wall and he’s standing so close to me that I could feel his breath on my face right now.

“I really had things to do… ” He whispers, leaning in towards me and I gulp in as I stare at him through my eyelashes.

“Things like figuring out my feelings for you. ”
And that made my heart beats so fast against my heart that I’m sure he’s hearing it right nown