Just A Dare Episode 30


The game begins and it all included the usual stuff, the kissing. The daring and every other things that they seem to do whenever they are playing this game. Javier’s eyes hasn’t left me the entire night but I refuse to take as much as a glance towards him. I refused to and instead I focus on everything else that’s going on that isn’t his.

“Okay, Arielle. Truth is dare. ” Beck asks and I raise my head when I heard my name, realizing that it’s finally my turn before licking my lips, staring across the room as I take in a deep breath. I don’t know if truth would really do me any good. Those who choose dare are always dare to do something stupid and naughty and I don’t wanna take that risk but maybe truth wouldn’t be that bad.

“Truth. ” I utter, I wonder why it seems to be that Beck is always the one to ask the questions.

“Alright. Um, what should I ask you exactly?”
He rubs his palm against each other in a way that makes me roll my eyes as I wait for him to ask me something and I answer honestly or I might not but that isn’t the rule of the game. I have to is what I must do.

“Okay. Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo or getting your nose pierced?” He raises his brows at me and I couldn’t help the chuckle that slides through my lips, that’s the last question that I excepted him to ask me. I don’t know if he asked because he knows I don’t fancy him asking something stupid but I’m glad for it anyways.

“No, I.. I have actually never thought about getting one and I don’t wanna get one either. ”
I shrug. Getting a tattoo? The thought had never for once crossed my mind but if mom finds out that I’m getting a tattoo or wants to get a tattoo, she would most definitely come here without her even being approved , pack my bags and get me far away from here as possible. She’s always dramatic and framing things bigger than they should actually are.

“Why don’t you want to get one? Tattoos are pretty actually cool if you don’t know. I mean they make you feel naughty and open and maybe a little bit more braver. ” Dawn said, winking at me and I chuckle before shaking my head.

“It just isn’t meant for me. I guess. ” I shrug once again and I can feel his eyes on me but I refuse to look at him, kissing her or fingering her. Whoever she is to him.

“Alright. I think we should move on. Javier truth or dare. ” I don’t remember the name of the guy that asked that but I think it should be Bryan or something.

“You know it’s dare. ” Of course it is. I wonder what he would do this time, have sex with someone in the public?

“I dare you to kiss Arielle. ” What the hell?