Just A Dare Episode 26


Where are we going? ” I asked Javier for what feels like the thousandth time as he drives past the city’s sign and just like he has been doing, he turns and smile at me before turning back to the road not uttering a single word while I roll my eyes and rest my arm against the window.
I have no possibly idea of what he has in mind but I pray that I don’t come to regret this.

“Don’t worry, I’m not trying to kidnap you or anything. Just have little patience, we are almost there. ” He says, with a roll of his eyes and I chuckle before nodding and laying my head against the glass window.

“We are here. ” I hear Javier’s voice beside me and I slowly opened my eyes. I had fell asleep along the way, he’s staring at me and watching me as I slowly open my eyes with his face so close to mine, his breathe hot on my face and I try to controlled mine.

He looks down at my lips, staring at them for a while before his gaze turns back to my eyes and I surprise myself when I wish he would kiss me. I don’t know what exactly the feeling is but I really want him to kiss me right now. Maybe it’s because I had missed the feelings that comes with the kiss whenever he does that or maybe because I just simply miss him.

He smiles at me before pulling away slightly and I find myself holding onto the hem of his shirt, he stares at me, his eyes on the place I’m holding before he raises his eyes at me, raising his eyebrows.

“Stay like this for a little while. ” I mutter and he smiles before nodding, bringing his hand to the back of my head and pulling me closer to him before his hands goes to my hips and my skin tingles immediately. He pulls me up from my seat and take the seat instead before pulling me to stand between his legs and I breathe out, relaxing against his warmth.

I lay my head against his chest and he trails his hand to the hem of the Jean I’m putting on, trailing it down then drawing circles around my thigh which is covered with the material.
I suddenly wish that I hadn’t listened to Zoe about wearing a Jean today and I had just put on a skirt or a gown so I would feel his touch on me.

I’m surprised at my own wild thoughts and I can’t help but to chuckle about it.

“Why are you laughing? ” His hot breath is against my skin and his finger stops moving for a moment.

“Nothing. I was just thinking about something. ” I mutter in a small voice and he says nothing. I breathe out and gasp when he trails his finger to the cover of my jean, rubbing against it and my whole body trembles.

He brings his hand to the buttons of the jeans and unbuttons the button, one slowly and teasingly while my breathing remains hard and unsteady.

This isn’t right. I have always despise couples who does this especially in this manner, like me been in his car like this. In this position.
Before him, this is something I will judge someone for and yet, here I am. In his car and fling the exact same thing I should have despised.