Just A Dare Episode 21


 The kiss was hot and demanding. I found myself lacing my fingers through his hair and dipping his head closer to me, trying to bring him close as possible as I can. He grabs my legs and wraps it around his waist and the dress I’m putting on brushes up to my waist while he digs his fingers into me though. Setting my entire body on fire.

I groan against his lips, letting out a moan but he made sure he swallows each and every sound that slides through my mouth. My head was whirling and I had no idea what I was thinking. I have no control of my body, he has succeeded in ruining my personal space and I can’t think of anything at the moment but the way his lips covers mine. The way he seems to be claiming me in the way he can. The way my lips mounded perfectly to his and I don’t want to stop.

He moves back slowly, my back hits against the wall and his hands moves from resting on my thighs. He brings it to my back to support the way he lays next against the wall, in the process pushing my body close to his and bringing it to my sides, making sure the entirety of my body rest against his.

I groan again, this time my moans getting a little bit louder as he leaves my lips, trailing the kisses down my neck while my fingers remains deep in his hair. He sucks on my neck which I’m sure would probably leave a hickey and he brings his lips back to my lips, biting on my upper lip and pulling the lower one between his teeth.

He pulls back away a little when I finally ran out of breath and he stares at me, his breathing heavy against my face and my eyes wandering around his as my brain try to connect with what had happened now.

He kissed me. Xavier kissed me and I had kissed him back. The most surprising thing about this is I don’t regret a single thing about it. Maybe this is what I have been waiting for since I saw him at that restaurant. Maybe this is what I’ve been waiting for since he walked through that door with his gaze only on me.Maybe this is what I have been waiting for my whole life.

The feeling that rushes through me. The excitement of something fun. A little bit danger like what I had always wanted but the fact remains the fact. Xavier is more than a little bit dangerous but at that time, the time when his eyes settles on mine, the moment he pulls me in, the moment he licks his lips and gives me a smile. That time and that moment, I was willing to take on that risk. The way he makes my body spark and the way my heart thumps with the way he’s looking at me made me feel something I never thought I would ever felt. Something I thought only existed in the movies and the novels. Something I thought only existed in the fairy tales and were all lies.

It made me break down on my walls, made me question my thoughts again. Made me wonder if I had been right. Made me break my territory and I ponder, trying desperately to search for the answers that only I could give.

To give in to the danger that is Xavier and to take the risk.