Just A Dare Episode 20


It’s been five days after the day Javier suddenly appeared in my room and I haven’t seen him around lately. Strangely, my eyes seems to be looking around for him at school. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but after that day, my mind always seems to wander around him always. Thinking about him and how it felt like to have him that close. I know it really didn’t mean anything but still, I can’t help the way I felt.

Mother came to the dorms last two days and just like always, she had tried to be controlling towards me.
She told me that the one I’m getting married to had just arrived and is willing to meet me.
I have made up my mind to step up for myself and make her understand that I would do no such thing like getting married to someone I barely know.

I know it would result in a fight and she will try to control me but I will refuse to give in. I will not get married to someone I don’t know.

I plop down on the bed, staring at my laptop and my mind goes to him once again. I groan, closing the laptop and laying my head against the soft cotton, taking in deep and slow breaths. Allowing myself to relax but once again, my heart races immediately as I think back to that day. That morning.
Oh god.
I hear the door open and I groan, taking in a deep breath as I expect Zoe to say something but she’s saying nothing and all I hear are footsteps.
That’s strange. She should have talked by now.

I open my eyes immediately, my heart catching up in my throat as I stare at him, my breathing getting hard.

“What. What are you doing here? ”
My voice cracks as I quickly get out of bed, staring at him and he chuckles taking slow steps towards me and closing the door behind him.

“I wanted to see you. ”
I stand up immediately, staring at him with my heart beating so fast against my chest as I move back.

“See me? What could you possible want to see me about? ”
He chuckles, taking few steps towards me and my feet remains stuck, refusing to move a inch.

“Nothing. I just felt like seeing you. ”
I’m confused about what he’s trying to say and he stops right in front of me.

“You see, after you left that day. I don’t know what’s wrong but I keep thinking about you. ”
He chuckles and I raise my brows at him, not understanding a word of what he’s trying to say.

“I think… I might be attracted to you. ”
With a thump of my heart, before I could think about what’s happening next.
He has pulls me closer, my hands flat on his chest as he stares at me before closing his lips on mine.

My mind is racing so fast trying to comprehend what’s happening with my heart beating fast against my chest like it has never did before.
This seems like what I had been waiting for. The fire and the sparks that came along with the kiss. I planned to stay away from him and I had wanted to see him. Mixed feelings combined in one, without no realization of which is which.

He’s kissing me right now with his arms around my waist, making my skin tingles. And I slowly take my arms to his neck as I surprise myself and kiss him back slowly.