Just A Dare Episode 1


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Chapter 01.


*yeah mother, I know. I know, I shouldn’t move with bad people or it might destroy fathers reputation.

I roll my eyes as mother lectures me about acting good in school.

Making sure I stay away from bad friends and bad group of people.

No boyfriend or girlfriend!

No late party nights.

Always study every single day and remember that we have a big reputation at home that must not be tarnished.

I shouldn’t pay attention to guys because I already have someone I’m gonna marry and I will get married as soon as I finish school.

That’s how mother is. Always lecturing me about every single thing I have to do and it’s always annoying that she’s always trying to dictating what I must do and what I mustn’t.

She’s all about the family reputation. The family image mustn’t be tarnished.

Don’t get me wrong but I’m not trying to do that here.

My family reputation means something to me also but it’s frustrating with the fact that she always have to lecture me about it.. She’s always so controlling. Especially since I just got to college.

I’ve been here for the past few weeks and mother still makes it her job to call me everyday and make sure that she lectures me about everything I have to know over and over again.

Sometimes, I usually think about just ignoring her calls but I know that’s gonna cause a bigger trouble for me.

She might send men down here to check on me and start saying it isn’t safe for me to be with the dorms.

Leave it to my mother to always be overdramatic.

I still remember when she had tried to make me live outside school with guards but I had refused and I’m glad father did too.

She’s always wanting me to live the perfect rich life and I don’t want it.. I just want to study and be free. But of course, I have no choice here.

She’s my mother after all.

What can u Possibly do?

*Remember everything I’ve been telling you Arielle and also be always sure to dress decently, you have a reputation and it mustn’t he tarnished.

Don’t act like those kids that you’ve seen in there.

Be sure to dress decently dear.

She probably added the dear cause she knows I’m gonna glare up with what she just said and just like she had tried it, it worked.

Instead of telling her that I know all that already. That she is always saying it over and over again to my ears.

I just sigh and said okay.

*Hows father and my brothers ? Is everyone okay over there?

I quickly change the topic before she goes on and on about these reputation thing and swung that she suggest, she must have realized that I want her to cut off the topic.

*Yeah, they are all fine. Your father had to travel for a buiness trip. you know how he can be and your brothers are fine and healthy.

They aren’t here at the moment, they went out with the coopers family.

She says and I nod, even though she can’t see me.

*Do you hears mother? I heard that the daughter of James family is pregnant.

The James family are one of fathers buiness deal and they are close to us but mother never liked Vivian, their daughter. She’s always says the kid is a wayward. I don’t know why.

*Of course I heard, didn’t I tell you? That’s why I had told you to stay away from her? She’s a useless kid. Getting pregnant when she should be in college. She has successful destroy her fathers reputation, This is why you should always watch your kids and be sure to guide them so they don’t go astray. I blame Veronica for not watching her daughter better than that.

*And by guiding them? You mean having control over them and making them bend to your will?

I had already dropped the words before I realized that I had say it. Oh, now she’s gonna be lecturing me all over again
Oh god.

*Do you think that’s what I’m doing Ariel. You think I’m trying to bend you to my will. I’m only trying to lead you on the right path..

*I know I know mother. I quickly cut her off before she starts talking again.

*Arielle, I make you feel like..

*mother, I have to go now. There’s something I have to study before tomorrow. Bye, say hi to Ashton and Vince for me.

I quickly hang up before she could protest and I sigh before dropping the phone and collapsing on the bed. This is how my life is.

Always having to be concerned about my family reputation before doing anything.