In The Dark-Season 2 Episode 33


“forgiveness is a very difficult task, but it is a necessity in life. By forgiving our offenders, the mountain of hatred in our hearts is been demolished”
After about thirty minutes drive, Liz parked in front of a building. The securities and our driver also follow suit. I was about asking if she wanted to see someone before she would take us to my uncle’s apartment when she smiled and said “welcome to my parents’ abode”
I could not even reply her, I only starred at K9elvin and gazed at the building speechlessly. The building was and average building with worn out door and faded paint. I could not help but wonder what uncle Mike did with the money allocated to him and all the money he embezzled when he was still running my mom’s company. We walked to the door and Liz opened the door widely for us. I glanced at Kelvin with a confused expression before I slowly entered the house.
The living room was small and untidy. For once in life, I pitied my uncle at the thought of how he would survive after years of living in a mansion.
Few minutes after settling down, l
Uncle Mike came out of a room I guessed was the kitchen. He tied a towel around his waist and he was shirtless. At sight, I knew he must have been sick. Again, I wondered how someone can change so much in just three months. Uncle Mike exchanged pleasantries with us before he took his sit. Liz also went into the house and returned with her mom, who was holding a cute little boy whom I guessed to be Liz son. Aunt Nike sat with her husband after greeting us briefly. The room went silent until Liz took the bull by its horn.
Liz called her parents and said ” I know you are both surprise to see Nancy here with me. That is to show you that she is not ready to pay you back with evil and she has a heart of pure gold. Without beating around the Bush, I want the both of you to apologize to Nancy for all the maltreatment you made her go through. Beg her in any way she will accept your apology. I want the bad blood in our family cleared today.”
I was more than shocked at how bold and straight Liz was. I was more shocked when my uncle and his wife went on their kneels. I was expecting them to be stubborn but they willingly went on their kneels right in front of me. I hurriedly stood up and carried the both of them up before I told them that I had forgiven them. Aunt Nike made me more speechless when she burst into tears. I wasn’t sure if her tears were genieu or she was shedding fake tears but the way she bit her fingers as a sign of regret made me believe her tears were not for show.
Uncle Mike and his wife took turn to thank Kelvin and I, after which I asked uncle Mike the cause of their predicament. He shook his head figorously and said ” Nancy, I hope you believe in karma. Right now karma is dealing with me and it’s as if all the bad deeds I carried out is coming back to me ten times hard.
During my period in my sister’s company, all I did was to lavish funds and the little I thought I have invested went straight into the hands of a hungry Lion. While buying all the shares, I did not have the time for signing of documents. I entrusted everything to somebody, little did I know that my friend was my enemy. It was after the reading of the will that I found out that I made friends with a wolf. This guy was actually buying all the shares in his name and all the things I invested in was in his name as well. I could not even fight him with the law because I had no proof against him. I had to give up without a legal fight.
I also did not save money in my account. I was scared of been discovered, so I had a close friend whom I saved all my life earning with. To cut the long story short he eluded with my money.
This two sudden discovery came as a rude shock, I ended up in the hospital after about two weeks of the will reading.
I was consoled with the hope of having the ten millionaire my sister left for me and I had a secret apartment which we moved into as well. I decided that I was going to work hard and make the ten million grow into billions. It was as if I was under a spell, in fact, I’m sure I’m a spell was cast on me. After leaving the hospital, I met with a friend who introduced me to another friend of his. He was involved in oil business. He made me believe the business will only be profitable if I invest high amount. I decided to take a bank loan. In the process I used my apartment as a collateral. I got ten million from the bank and I had ten million as well. Everything I had was twenty million, I invested with the hope of making bountiful profit. My business partner eventually had a plane crash on his way out of the country. I also found out that he knew nothing about oil business but it was too late. He already perished with my money.
I had no where and no one to run to. I did not help any of my family members while I was still in money, so none of them were willing to help me. Before the bank would send me packing in disgrace, I decided to swallow my pride and come back to my former house. This is where we use to live before my sister’s death and this is the only building I own. I was given the chance to make people remember my name but I chose to make them remember me for bad. I stepped on so many people on my way up and now I’m been stepped on. The only lesson I learnt is never to trust nobody because trust is dead and buried.”
Uncle Mike ended his speech and buried his face in his hands. His eyes were red when he eventually raised his head and tears were in his eyes. Surely, karma is a bi**h.
Aunt Nike went next after my uncle, she talked about all the odd she did and apologized. Without wasting much time, I hugged her and told her everything was fine.
After the whole apologizing and forgiving drama, I cleared my throat and said “though you both left a scar in my heart, I’m willing to let go. Uncle, you will resume as the general manager of the construction company next week. I will personally take care of your allowance and official benefits.
Aunt, the boutique will be under your control. This is my token”
Uncle Mike and his wife went on their kneels immediately I ended my statement. Liz also hugged me tight with tears in their eyes. Kelvin helped my uncle up while I consoled Liz.
Before we left, Kelvin signed my uncle a cheque of 5 million naira and he promised him a new ride. He was overwhelmed and he could not hide his regret. I was happy I made peace with my uncle and his family. Making peace with them felt as if I transferred my burden to them. The hatred and guilt were off my shoulder. We left uncle mike’s house at exactly 3:00pm.
Immediately we stepped out, I looked at Kelvin and said ‘up next is the Stanley. I’m ready to battle words with the old man’
Kelvin looked at me and said ‘you are on the right path’
Nothing Could be More encouraging.
kelvin looked at me and said “you are on the right path”
Nothing could be more encouraging. We settled in the car and the driver zoomed off as I waved back at uncle Mike and his family. Seeing how happy I became after settling the bone of contention between myself and my uncle, I felt the thirst to be happy with my biological father as well, though I knew it might be more difficult to over look his mistakes.
My heart skipped when we drove into the Stanley’s street. Memories came calling in my head, I remembered the first time I visited the Stanley’s residence, I remembered how Happy Nelly was, I remembered how her parent received me warmly and treated me like their own. That very day, I was happy meeting my look alike’s parent, little did I know that she was not just my look alike and her dad was my dad as well. The well hidden bitter past made my life a little dramatic. The way my biological father and my late mom hid the secret and their emotion made me wonder if all I knew about myself was the real truth. If my biological parent could make an important truth of my life hidden for more than twenty five years, no hidden secret could come to me as a rude shock.
I was still lost in thought when I noticed the car had stopped,i looked through the window and saw the Stanley’s giant black gate. “OMG, we are here so fast? ”
I asked myself. The closer we got, the scared I became. I knew I was on my way to doing the right thing, but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do the right thing once I step foot into the Stanley’s residence. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to control my emotions and suppress my anger as well. At the last minute, I wanted to turn back,not because I scared of my biological father, but because I was scared of causing more trouble rather than putting an end to it. At the very last minutes I wanted to go back and allow fate play it’s part. I looked at Kelvin and was about opening my mouth, when he held my hand and siad
“you are about to take the bravest step of your life baby, something your father could not do. Only few people seek for reconciliation and you are one of the few I’ve met. Just do you honey, I know you can handle it”.
I smiled and gave Kelvin a warm hug, After which I instructed the driver to proceed.
Hand in hand with Kelvin, I gazed at the main building briefly before I took a step in. The apartment was quiet and well kept. I looked round the big livingroom and the first thing that caught my eyes was the huge family picture hung on a side of the wall. I let go of kelvins hand and walked toward the picture like I was in a trance. In the picture Nelly was sitting in the middle of her parent, the three of them wore beautiful smiles and they all looked happy. I fixed my gaze on Nelly’s image and I gently touched the picture. Her beautiful smile got me, she smiled just like me, just like my mom. The thought of not getting enough of her before she passed on made me weak. I felt like I was seeing her live as I stared at her lifeless picture.
“do you even know that we are blood sisters? Do you even know that my mom is your mom and your dad is my dad? Do you even know that we do not just look alike, we are identical twins? Do you even know how it feels to find out the truth alittle too late? I guess you have no idea. Why? Because you are dead, yes! Just like everybody else you left me to find out about the truth and deal with it all my life. Just when I needed you most, you allowed death take you away and denied me the privilege to be happy having a twin sister. Just like everyone else, you betrayed me! Just like everyone else, you turned your back on me! And just like everyone else, you left me to deal with the heart break! You all left me because you never loved me! ” I screamed at the picture with the whole of my strength. I stood at a point and waited for a respons before breaking down in tears. I never knew I was so heart broken until I found myself voicing out my emotions.
I was lost in my world until I felt a tap on my back. I jerked back into reality and made a slow turn. I was expecting to see Kelvin behind me but my expectation was turned down when I saw Mr. Stanley.
Without having the slightest idea of how angry I was, he smiled at me and said “everyone did not leave, I’m here for you”
The anger that ran through my vein was unexplainable,as I looked into the old man’s eyes. Heaven knows I would have flung his hand off me if not for the respect I had for his age. With tears in my eyes, I clinched my teeth and said “you are nothing but the architect of my mom’s trouble and my heart break”
“You are nothing but the architect of my mom’s trouble and my heart break”
I said to Mr. Stanley In rage. I was expecting to see him flare up or get confused but instead he maintained a cold stare. He smiled and said “I Know you are mad at me but everything that happened was totally not my fault, your late mom also has her share of the blame”
I looked at him, I was displeased. I did not know what he was driving at but his statement hurt my ear. Mr. Stanley made to pull me to himself but I dodged. I took few steps away from him and folded my hands below my boobs. I fixed my gaze on him and said “can you just listen to yourself? My late mom has her share of the blame? Oh she does? What’s her blame? Tell me? She is to be blamed for loving you? Or for keeping the pregnancy when she should have had an abortion? Oh maybe she is to be blamed for not leaving the man that took her regardless of her shortcomings when you reappeared? I guess this is who you are right? You take to your heels at the slightest smell of trouble and you return when everything is fine. That’s what you do! Why? Because you are nothing but a coward! You…..”
“Enough!!!…….” I was yet to complete my statement when he interrupted me. I was boiling so much that I could not control myself. My tongue was ready to spill it all out, all my hidden emotions. I wanted to say it all without leaving a stone untouched. I knew Mr. Stanley was getting frustrated but I was not ready to stop because of how hurt he might be feeling. I wanted to accomplish the reason for my vist, which was telling it all. I unfold my hand and said
“enough? Enough of what? Have I said anything untrue? You should only stop me when I say something untrue. You might have a reason for leaving my mom then, but you had no reason to leave me even after finding me. Were you scared? If you were, of what? Or you do not just have any love for me as a father. Even after my mom’s death,do you know the hardship I went through? I was treated like a slave. I belived I was an orphan and I had nobody. I never knew I had the almighty Mr. Stanley and a twin sister. I was looked after by those who were not even my blood relation. All this yearS you were here, when Nelly died I was with you, when I got married you were still here but you never for once find the need to draw me closer to yourself and mare me feel like your own.
I came, I saw and I conquered. Just when I thought it’s time to relax and enjoy life, the whole truth was thrown to my face. Do you know how it feels to find out that my entire life was built on lies?
After finding out about the truth, I lived my everyday life hoping for you to show up at my door step and seek for reconciliation but you never did! Not even a phone call, why? Because you do not care! Guess what, I do not give a bleep as well! I will just live my life like the orphan I’ve always thought I am. I will pretend you are dead and no more….”
“Enough of this madness young lady! I won’t have you insult me in my own house! Everybody makes mistakes but that doesn’t mean I’m all bad. Even if I am, that won’t change the fact that I’m still your father! You should talk to me with respect”
Mr. Stanley interrupted me again but this time his words were shocking. The look on his face was also scaring and confusing. I had had enough myself. Though I was scared thing would turn out bad, I was satisfied with voicing out my pain. I looked at the angry Mr. Stanley firmly and said “yes… Right, I’m done talking to you! Dear Father….. ”
I went for my bag,looked at Kelvin and said “let’s just leave”. Kelvin hesitated before he stood up, he looked at me with surprise and I made a “don’t worry” sign. I faked a smile at Mrs. Stanley as I made for the exit. I carried my face up and walked as fast as I could, I was tempted to look at Mr. Stanley but I fought the urge to.
“Nancy… ….”
I was about to open the exit door when Mr. Stanley called out my name. I paused my step and waited to hear him out. He sniffed and said “if you do not give a bleep, you won’t come looking for me”
I could not believe my ears. I scoffed and turned back “Are you for real?
To be continued..