In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 71 Final


Bella’s POV

Driving into the restaurant premises, the door was opened for me then me and my son step out.

Reporters flooded my way but thanks to the new bodyguards I got, they were able to get them off my way.

“Alicia.” I heard his voice making me look up and I froze on my spot. Damn, he is f****ng handsome right now.

I thought staring at him lost not until my son called me.

“Is that dad mom?” Desmond asked making me swallow hard.

” Yes, it’s your dad. “I said smiling but tears were already wailed up in my eyes.

“Really?” He asked sounding really happy and I nodded.

” Dad!!!! “He called running into Kylie whose arm was already opened the moment he saw.

Tears were dropping from my face as I saw how happy they look together. I should have done these long before now.

With the way he is happy, it means he has been secretly sad about not having a dad but didn’t tell me.

I was lost in my thoughts that I didn’t realize he was already standing in front of me if not for those tiny hands that touched me.

Looking up, our lips lock in a very romantic long kiss. I couldn’t stop it but once I realized we were in public.

I quickly Broke the kiss wanting to slap him but he went on his knees bringing out a ring from his pocket.

“Since the day I heard about your departure, have been wishing I wasn’t bad to you. I kept blaming myself.

At first I thought it was only pity but it took me long before I realized that I am inlove with you.

I vow never to open my heart to anyone but once the news of you being alive reached me, have been secretly coming down to California to just see how you are doing.

I have…. “I didn’t let him finish what he was saying when I kissed him.

“Yes I will marry you.” I said and he put in the ring….


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Written by Author Tee