In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 66


Flash back

Bella’s POV

Reaching home, I saw my dad just coming home. I greeted him and he replied which means mom hasn’t say anything to him.

Opening the door, I saw her just descending the stair case with rush but once she saw me, she stopped running.

Sighting my father behind me, she mouthed for me to leave for my room.

In my mind, I was like do I want to stay here while I watch you talk about me? I thought before walking off but my spirit didn’t want to go so I hid behind the curtain.

“Why is she wearing that? Was my daughter admitted? Why didn’t you stay with her instead of coming home? Do you know how she means to me this time around when the business is collapsing!” Dad yelled angrily.

Oh my goodness, the business is collapsing. This is really bad, I thought placing my hand on my lips to stop me from screaming.

“If not for her, I wouldn’t even have that share holder I told you that he invested more so that my business will not collapse.

It’s because he wants her hand for marriage, I couldn’t help but sign it although I know with time, I will make more profit then make him pull out.

Through that, I won’t be able to sign in my daughter for marriage. “Dad said running his fingers through his hair.

What if he didn’t make it, he would give me out for marriage in exchange for their company and Money. I thought as sad smile makes it way to my face.

It’s all about the company and money not me, am nothing to them. I thought blinking off the tears making it way to my eyes.

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“Why was she admitted then?” he asked and my mom lips began to quiver.

“She is pregnant.” My mom said making my dad face drop with shock.

“Are you sure it was my own daughter named that was on the test results? “Dad asked laughing dangerously.

” Yes. “She said silently.

“It shouldn’t be!” Dad said hitting the glass table with his fist making it breaks into pieces.

“She also said if we try to abort it, she wouldn’t be able to bare a child again. “Mom said.

” She would abort that bas***d in her stomach first thing tomorrow morning else, it my business that would collapse and I can’t make my business collapse.

It’s the bas***d in her stomach she would abort. “Dad said making my heart scattered into pieces.

“She wouldn’t have a baby of her own again if she abort this one.”Mom said emphasizing it again.

” If she is in need of a baby, she can go and adopt then but now, she don’t need that thing in her stomach. “Dad said.

I shouldn’t have stayed here. I knew that the moment I listen to their conversation, it would be something i don’t want to listen to.

I didn’t even realize am out of my hiding until I find myself taking the stairs.

“Sweetie it’s not like that,” I heard my mom said from behind me trying to hold me down but I push her off. I don’t need someone like them in my life anymore…