In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 65


Bella’s POV

Flash back ?

“Make sure you show him that card.” With that, he dressed up and walk out of the room without any word of guilt or console coming out of his mouth.

My breathe quicken up for reasons I don’t know maybe because it belong since when I could breath in.

Turning around on the same bed, I tried to sit up but pain shoot from my lower region down to my body.

Making me muffle my cries for help. It’s like my lower region is damn heavy that I couldn’t move a toe not to talk of my lap or my butt.

Laying there while groaning in pain, I decided to call my best friend.

She is the only one that I can talk to about what just happened between me and the stranger.

Although, I know she would still nag me but right now, she can clean me up, cloth me then take me home right now.

All I can think of now is to have a good night sound sleep that would make my pain fade away even though I know it wouldn’t fade away today.

Neither would it tomorrow with the way every bone and inch of my body ach.

Even that bas***d can’t pretend to be romantic just for today alone and help me clean up.

What angered me the most today is the money he threw at me like am some kind of b***h.

Let me say as if am part of those b***hes he do f**k and pay.

I have my f****ng pride , am just here to be pleasure fool! I yelled in my mind before rolling up to where the bed side phone is.

Dialing my friend number, she picked after the third ring.

“It’s Alicia’s.” I said.

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“Where have you been? Is it because they aren’t around huh? You could have atleast just drop a note for me if you were to lazy to give me a call. ”

She said scolding me from the other side of the call. Only if she knows how sh*tty I am right now, she wouldn’t have scolded me.

Instead, she would be pitiful and she would have consoled me.

“Am in loud bar, when you are coming bring along clothes that can size me but don’t bring your car along cause I brought mine but I can’t drive at the moment. “I said before cutting the call.

Laying back on my back, I await her arrival with faith in my heart that she would come over very soon.

And also, I prepare myself to be questioned about how she’s going to meet me same as the drama I will pull once she is here.

I would have to pretend I was beaten then I would tear up the moment she comes in.

But what about his semen that is all over ? My inner mind asked . Then I would stick to crying alone…