In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 64


Bella’s POV

She kept adoring everything while I arranged. When we are done, we drove to my grandparents place and pick them before going to my P.A’s house.

She was shocked and even asked me like three times if am sure it’s my P.A’s house. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Helping Kate my P.A’s with her things, we drove off to the airport.

Even though it’s so hard to leave the old man here, we have no choice than to do that cause he has his family here.

But I promise to always pay him every month though he isn’t going to do anything than to keep on driving those cars at home so that they won’t spoil.

Same as him supervising the house whenever the cleaners come over to clean them.

I couldn’t ask for more when he accepted the job I was very happy then we departed.

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Once I lay Desmond on the bed and covered him up properly, I stepped out into where everyone is.

Grandma and Grandpa are fast asleep leaving my P.A and leo who were talking and smiling. Only God knows why they were smiling.

Taking her to another side of the jet which was designed like a mini bar, I poured her a whiskey while I poured myself the same thing.

Putting a little bit of lemon in it like we always mix it then, I serve her hers and she smiled.

“You still remember?” She said taking it from me.

“Why wouldn’t I? Even though I haven’t taken it since the last time we both got drunk I can’t still forget it’s taste.””I said sipping my drink as I sat infront of her.

“What am about to share with you, don’t tell anyone neither should the world hear about it cause I don’t know if he is still want revenge or not.

And you know if he knows I have a son for him, the life of my son might be at stake. Because he might not want to have a child with me.

Also don’t judge me with whatever am about to say. “I said and she nodded her head waiting patiently for me to talk…