In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 50


General POV

“They would do their job and bring her back you don’t have to wo…” he didn’t get to finish that sentence when she slapped him right across the face.

“I only give you three days to look for my daughter if not found, meet me in court the fourth day.” She said then walk away.

Unknown to them that she had jump into the river after she placed the call.

Her husband couldn’t follow his wife neither could he stay there or even jump into the river In search of their daughter.

To him, it’s not the life but the information with her.he doesn’t want his enemy to outsmart him like he has done to others.

Driving off in the car they brought,she drove to one of her hotel far away from where her husband house is.

Getting to her hotel, she parked the car and came out looking like a ghost because almost all her makeup has washed off due to the tears she has shed.

Her workers bow in respect greetings her but instead of her usual gesture, she walk off to the receptionist.

“My usual spot.” She said then the receptionist gave her the first key in the hotel then she walk away without saying thank you like she do say.

All her workers was wondering what went wrong but non of them could say a thing since she isn’t in a good mood.

Some were gossiping saying it’s because of the fall in her husband company while some added that it have been solved.

Then they concluded that she caught her husband cheating on her with a side chick because she couldn’t convince any longer.

And a female child can’t be made a heir to that big firm, this alone makes them pity and wonder how their boss is holding up.

“You wouldn’t want her to hear what you guys are saying.” The manager said as they all went back to their different position.

Once she entered her room, she stripped her clothes off leaving her undies she started dancing while drinking herself to stupor till she slept off.

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Kylian’s POV

“I over heard in the office today that the girl her father gave you as a wife is pregnant. “David said as I slip my drink.

” She’s a whore before so what do you expect, I didn’t want her though her father wouldn’t just let me off. But now that she is pregnant, am free off the hook of a whore. “I said.

Although, I already heard she jumped into to the river some hours ago.

This is just the beginning for him, thank God he was the one who caused it not from me but I really wish I was the one who killed her. I thought.

Aren’t you the one who raped her, now she is pregnant and she was rejected by her own family.

My inner mind judge and I brushed it off looking into the most interesting part of this matter. I pray they don’t find her .

Am just starting with them and obviously, another distraction had been created thanks to the man…


So Alicia is officially dead now