In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 41


Alicia’s POV

It been two weeks now since the incident of being raped, my dad coming back and him coming with a deal for my dad.

Although, that night of the day he came, I couldn’t sleep a wink because I was scared of been raped again in my dream or even choked to death by him in my dream.

Although, I have healed up but have been feeling nuisance lately. Not always hungry at night when I haven’t even taken breakfast and lunch.

Sometimes, I would just feel so weak that I wouldn’t even be able to raise one of my finger up.

There was even a day I was meant to attend a business gathering with my parents, I didn’t even know how I fell asleep in-between the minutes I was dressing.

Thinking it was the stress my dad made me go through by bringing me to different meetings in between the weeks, my mom ask me to stay at home for one week.

Not even knowing why I didn’t drag the matter with them the first place about not being able to go to school because of meetings.

But since these morning sickness is getting out of hand, my dad suggested my mom take me along with her to see our family doctor.

“Alicia are you ready or you are asleep again!” I heard my mom yelled from downstairs making me chuckle.

” Just a few touch on my make up mom!” I yelled back while carrying my bag before running downstairs to meet my mom.

“Morning Dad.” I said pecking him.

“Morning sweetheart.” My dad said kissing my forehead.

“You should have just sit on his head instead.” My mom said from the entrance.

” Don’t be jealous mom, he is all yours.” I said following her to the car.

The drive to the hospital isn’t that long but I slept for some minutes which wasn’t even comfortable at all.

“My neck still hurts like sh*t. “I said the moment we step out of the car.

“That would always stop you from sleeping in a car when next you want to.” She said and I just laugh it off.

Entering the hospital, we went straight to our famaily doctor office where we waited for her for some minutes before she arrived begging for being late.

“So what’s wrong with Alicia for you to bring her to the hospital.” She asked facing my mom.

All I want to do now is get out of this place, I want to sleep. Am so tired but here I am sitting here with a doctor who kept talking like a running tap.

This is the reason why I hate this woman, all she loves to do is to talk till dawn. I thought eyeing her in my mind that I didn’t know when she called me until my mom hit me.

“Mom.” I called rolling my eyes…


What do you think is wrong with her?