In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 40


Alicia’s POV

“It’s not what you are thinking dad, am just appreciating the work of God.

I only wish he isn’t dangerous and deadly cause I know of one man who raped a teenage girl and toss her aside like she meant nothing just for revenge I think.

He is very handsome and cool that you won’t know he is not who the tell people he is. “I said smirking at him.

He has this shocking face same as my dad who has this unbelievable face.

“Don’t tell me the both of you believe it.” I said laughing just to clear the thick air around us.

“It’s just one of my lame joke, don’t take it to heart.” I said.

“It’s nice meeting you Mr handsome stranger. “I said before walking away.

Taking a drink, I felt my dad presence behind me and the energy his giving out is the unpleased one.

“Alicia what was that stunt you pull some seconds ago?” My dad asked frowning at me.

” Dad is that why you are stressing yourself?” I asked making that innocent face.

“Yes, he is a new share holder in my company and he bought 40 percent out of every company I have world wide. Do you know what that means? He is the second top share holders after me in that company. What if he takes what you said to heart, am going to lose billions today all because of you. This is where I see all those money I do spend on you from.”dad said.

” Dad, I already told you and him earlier that it was a joke, nothing more.” I said slipping my drink as I look away to the man as he exited the building.

“Just don’t try that again now let’s go back to the reason why I ask you to join us. “Dad said.

” Okay dad, I won’t. I promise. “I said assuring him but not myself cause I know to that man, I will do more.

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My dad took me around introducing me as his heir and their boss to be once am done in two months time with my schooling.

Although some of them where happy and some didn’t really give more emotion but some weren’t cool about it.

Most especially those ladies who stare at me like am a dirty or am not meant to be.

After those introduction, I went back to my room cause I was feeling dizzy. Once I get to my room, I lay then slept off.

Kylian’s POV

Entering my room,I sat down then replay everything that happened today in my head.

Especially my meeting with that girl,she haven’t given the card to her father but she recognizes me.

Why haven’t she given the card to her father? She must have something really bad in mind for me,I thought pacing around.

What can I do to her so that she won’t spoil my plan?

I need to eliminate her, yes I must eliminate her…


Do you think he would succeed in eliminating Alicia?