In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 23


Alicia’s POV

“Will be going to school now and I would help you with the attendance same as the same lie I told your workers. “She said picking up her bag.

” Oh you are still here?” I asked like a lost stupid puppy.

” Really? You want me out that quickly? “She asked faking a sad pout.

” You know that’s not true, I thought you left awhile ago and was already missing you but hearing your voice now assure me you are still here. ”

I said clearing the suspicious glance she is giving me.

“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, does that mean you love me?” She asked making me give her that irritated look.

” Love? You of all people, no. I don’t love you at all and wipe the blush off your face before I kick you out now. ”

I said trying to play the mother role which ended up making us laugh.

“You have to go to school now before you would get yourself into trouble because of my jokes. “I said.

” Yes mom but.. “she trail off with a serious look on her face.

” But what?” I asked feeling a little bit unease with the next question she’s going to throw at me.

“You haven’t tell me what happened since yesterday aside telling other people crap which I don’t believe. “She said.

” I already did last night while we where at the hospital. “I said.

” That’s for the nurse and I know it’s a lie if not, you would want to report to the police or even have plan something really bad together for the person. Remember the rules of been a girl friend. “She said raising her pinky finger.

” Fine, I will tell you once you come back.” I lied raising my own pinky finger and we did the pinky promise.

I wave her goodbye as she left the house leaving me to think about what step next I want to take before she arrives.

Stepping out of the bed , I limp down to my bathroom taking a quick shower while I stepped out and dry my hair till it has no water in it.

Taking it in two weave, I walk into my closest then pick a free top gown wearing no undies because of the stich that was made yesterday underneath me.

All I have to do for the next one week is to open my legs wide on where ever am going to sit without wearing anything under.

Limping back to my room, I met my personal maid standing there.

“Oh you are here hope.” I said making it sound somehow unacceptable in my hear.

Why? Cause what I just did strange to the both in the house. Remember I told you I want to open a new chapter of my life, that’s what am doing now.

“Yes… yes … Yes ma’am.” She replied with her head still bowed.

She is afraid of looking up to me cause have been a ruthless person towards her….