In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 22


Alicia’s POV

Waking up the next day, I opened my eyes and stretched my numb limbs same as my arms which I spread out.

Using my hand to look for her, I found out there was nobody there.

What could have happened? I thought sitting up only to find her all dressed up for school. Aside her hair which she was brushing.

“You could have wake me.” I said placing a pillow behind my back then I pressed my back against it.

Is that a good morning thank you for yesterday? “She asked rolling her eyes.

” Am sorry, I was just…. “I trail off not knowing what to say.

“Just what?” She asked wiggling her brows together in a mocking manner cause she knows I have nothing else inside of me to say.

“You are damn wicked and annoying.” I said throwing her a pillow which didn’t even go more than the feet of the bed.

She busted out laughing at my pathetic trial which annoys me the more.

I continue throwing her pillow which end up with a huge smile on both of our faces.

“Have told the maids to help you saying you got into a little accident and the doctor said you shouldn’t stress your self for your bone to heal for the next one month. ”

She said roughing my already scattered hair making it look like a bird nest.

“Thanks babe, but stop scattering the hair that already look horrible before. “I said placing a kiss on her left Palm.

” You are welcome girl friend, what are friends for?” She asked.

“To be with each other during the hard times, make them happy when you see they aren’t. If they get beaten up or cheated, we treat the f**k up of the person. Make them smile at any little chance you have. Don’t keep secrets from each other and have the same set of goal to achieve together. “We both said making us hug each other.

Although, the second to the last one is what am about to break today.

Because I have to keep it away from her till I find solution to the doubt am having towards my dad.

And more about the business deal they had together for me to be treated like this.

And am very sure he came there just because of me, if not he wouldn’t have drop this card when he was leaving.

The question now is how did he know I was going to come there, the exact time I got myself drunk.

Who told him those information about me? I need to find out what this card meant before giving it to my dad, I thought looking at the drawer I placed it yesterday night after she was asleep.

“Will be going to school now and I would help you with the attendance same as the same lie I told your workers. “She said picking up her bag.

” Oh you are still here?” I asked like a lost puppy…