In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 21


Alicia’s POV

I had to lie that I was raped which made her advice me to visit the police station as well as my friend also.

Leaving that place, we both made our way to the car although that’s after I have settled the bills same as my drugs which where given to me.

Staring at the drugs, I wonder if I would be the one to take all these cause it’s too much for me to take in.

Using my eyes to count, I have more than 18 drugs to finish in a week time.

“We should head to the police station and report before going home.” She said making me look up perplexed.

” Noooo! “I yelled out making her raise her eyebrows at me.

“Why no? You hear what the doctor said or that’s not what truly happened to you?.” She asked like she is making a statement.

” Huh?”I asked back.

Gosh,why am I too stupid?she would have noticed something is wrong with the way I just acted.

You can’t even tell a simple lie for them not to realize you have things bothering you?

Thoughts that are making you doubt your father innocence. You are too stupid.

My inner mind said scolding me while I search for what to say.

“That’s what happened but as you know, it’s almost midnight already as you can see. I have to take my drug and have a good night sleep then tomorrow, we can just go to the police station and report.”I suggested.

” You know how police can be.”she said rolling her eyes.

” Fine,we will tell them I was really weak that I couldn’t even open my mouth not to talk of telling anyone about it. And you just got to know that morning.”I said again.

” Fine,you win.”she said putting her hands up in a surrendering manner before dropping it back.

I couldn’t help but crack at the little act she just played.

Looking at outside the window, I started nodding my head a little to the soft music playing.

With the breeze blowing my air, I decided to enjoy nature a little before heading home.

Holding my head High in the air, i made a choice in my mind. A new choice, a new change in my life. I want to close the old me chapter because am about to open a new me chapter tommorow morning.

Driving into my house, she helped me out again till we got to my room where she laid me and help me get into bed.

She also dropped the keys and drug at the right shelf giving me that good night kiss, she turned around to leave.

“You don’t have to leave, you can just get in bed with me till tomorrow.” I said making her turn around with smile spread on her lips.

Getting behind me, she cover herself and started rocking me till I slept off…


What did you think she would find once she look into the logo?