In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 20


Alicia’s POV

Who knows maybe it’s for a door or a secret lock or passer. Most especially, what dose this logo Stand for?.

What dose this stranger beast knows about my father? I thought running my fingers through it’s rough surface.

What if what he just did to me was just to pass a message to my father? What kind of business bring them together for me to be made an scape goat.

Most especially, to be made a message to my father in a humiliating way?

What deal did the two of them sign for him to give me a card which has a logo but didn’t bear a name?

This meant just a look at the card, my dad would knows who the card belongs to. Where he is from and the kind of information he just passed.

This must really be a joke? I thought again shaking my head.

Negative thoughts kept crossing my mind as I try so much to shake them out but everything just prove to be a waste.

Because the more I shake my head, the more stupid thought of the kind of business my dad and him was involved with.

My dad would never sell me out as a business deal between him and his cooperation.

Because am his only child and his Precious rear gem so why would he decide to do this to me one night? I thought lost in my thoughts.

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“Alicia, are you still thinking about it?” I heard her asked making me hid the card right into my left hand pocket.

“Hmmmmmmmm… Not really, but isn’t it worth thinking about? “I asked trying to pretend which she bought.

” Of course it is, I know the feelings of been raped cause I have once experience it when I was little. “She said placing my share of food infront of me.

I totally forgot she once told me that she was raped when she was young but she has never gone into details for me.

Just like she was doing now, I would say this is the first time I would hear something like this.

I wonder how she would feel then because even though am not a virgin anymore, I felt like a virgin been raped by six people.

The feelings is one you want it to remain a nightmare.

We finish up our food then she helped me out of the room while holding the car key in her hands.

Driving to a nearby hospital, I got my tear sew and my other bruises where attend to.

I won’t lie, the sewing hurt like sh*t that I screamed so loud when she was doing it.

When she asked what happened, I couldn’t tell her I went to the bar and flirt then we decided to have fun only for him to do me like this.

I had to lie that I was raped which made her advice me to visit the police station as well as my friend also…