In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 12


Driving into the club,he parked the car and we both exited the car making our way to the entrance.

“Good evening sir.” One of the bodyguards greeted While the others bow in respect and I nodded in response.

On entering the club, I was about turning the corner that led to the VIP when I sighted this young girl dancing.

Staring at the lady the more, I discovered it was Alicia.

She is probably drunk with the way she is dancing and boys touching her like the was meant to be.

Ignore that Kylie , my inner mind said telling me not to interfere which I heed to.

” Did you see any lady of your choice already? ” I heard the devil whom I thought he actually left some minutes ago said.

“No, let’s get going.” I said wanting to drag him down but his stubborn ass stop me from even taking a step forward.

“Don’t be shy, I can help you out by walking up to her then click it. “He said clicking his tongue like he just pronounced it.

Taking my eyes back to the girl, she was about to get her ass on another boys d**k.

I couldn’t help it but walk down to the place without looking back to dare devil mocking me.

“Hey beauty!” I yelled into her hearing after kicking off the men and boys who were trying to have their way with her.

I don’t know why I tend to get irritated by seeing bunch of boys or men touching her especially when she’s dressed like a slut.

” Hey handsome! “She yelled back slurring while skipping some of my steps.

I had to hold her by her waist before she fall flat on the floor which would have caused so many injury to her bone.

Especially in that killer heels she’s wearing right now.

Wraping my arms around her waist,I brought her closer to me.

Which enable me to view her beauty closely. She is really an angel.

I couldn’t even find my voice for some minutes cause I was lost in her beauty.

“Are you alone?” I blurted out before I could even realize it sounds a little bit like rubbish in my ear and would surely be in hers.

If not for the fact that she is drunk,am very sure she would have laughed because I just obviously made a fool of myself.

“Yes and I need a company of a handsome man like you.” She said placing her palm on my chest while running her fingers through .

“Why don’t we move up and finish it?” She asked undoing my button.

Slowly, she started running the tip of her fingers through my bare upper chest alongside the hair there.

With the way she is working her fingers, one could tell she wants me to beg for more. Which am craving for right now…