In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 11


Kylian’s POV

“Kylie!” I heard Dave yelled.

“Dave what!” I yelled also.

“Have been talking since but you didn’t even reply not even to the question, are you sure you are really okay like this? He asked.

“Am okay just tell me what you want from me now.” I said getting up from where I was sitted.

” Just let’s hit the club tonight.” He said and I rolled my eyes.

Packing my stuff, I picked up my jacket then carried my brief case off the table.

“You already promised to do anything I ask for remember you f**ked my girlfriend. “He said making me stamp my foot.

” But she was a b***h before I even slept with her.” I argued back.

” Thanks to you, I got to know but that’s not the point the point is you promised to do anything I ask for. But since then, it’s like you have been avoiding me because you know a day like this would come. “He said getting on his feet.

When I say it’s a girl that I have as a friend, no one would believe. Because it’s a girl that just cook up story like he just did now.

“Fine, I would but firstly I would have to get home eat and freshen up.” I said and he nodded. ” Can we leave now? “I asked walking out of the door which he followed suit.

If I don’t agree that minutes, I know the kind of friend I have, he would have me monitored by someone of his special spy. Through that, he will know where I do head to in the morning.

He might support me and might not but I don’t want him to know no matter how inconvenient he makes me.

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Entering the car, we zoomed off to my house where I freshen up and ate something. A home made food.

” Are you ready? “I asked picking up my keys and phone.

“I should ask you that, why would you wear suit? It’s a f****ng club Kylie. “He said and I face palm myself.

” Do we have to do this? Atleast you should be happy am ready and not condemn what am wearing. “I said rolling my eyes.

” Would you come along or I should stay back?” I asked lossing interest in where we are heading to.

“You can but I won’t.” He said snatching off both my phone and car key.

Not my ordinary normal phone, it’s the phone I kept those secret in.

“Am coming already!” I yelled running after him till we got to the garaged where he was already sitted in the car waiting for me.

“Gosh, do you want to kill me?” I asked sliding into the passenger seat.

” Not yet, but am about to do so.” With that, he drove out of the house before I could even make a word out of my mouth..