In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 10


Kylian’s POV

Today was so stressful, I thought entering my office only to meet Dave sitting.

Running out as quick as possible, I looked around and walk in back but this time slowly and still, he is there sitted like a king.

Walking into the office the third time, I found him still sitted but this time around, he has turned to a laughing mess.

“You have just pour me water instead of running out like a chicken. “He said laughing.

” Really? Chicken? I was shocked you entered even after the door was locked so I have to check if there’s another hole that you could make use of. ”

I said dropping my suit jacket and the files I was holding.

“So how did you get in because am sure I didn’t give you the key to my room. “I said making my way to the dispenser.

” The door wasn’t locked, it was wide open when I came by so I thought you were inside. But on entering, I met no one inside. I decided to wait since am done with today’s work and as you can see me, I left for home to freshen up and am back here just for us to hit the club tonight. ”

He said and I started laughing which made him give me are you okay look.

“Why are you laughing?” He asked and I continue laughing which made him throw me pillows.

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” You must be joking because I am so tired all I want to do now is to go home, freshen up, eat a home made food and sleep because tomorrow is another day. ”

I said and he started laughing like a clown.

“What’s wrong?” I asked confused.

“You must be joking right now. When last have we hit the club?”he asked and I only look away cause I can’t even remember.

“I even wonder where you do go in the morning and come back afternoon. “He said.

” I work from home but come here for only meetings.” I replied.

“Have been to your house severally only to be told you aren’t home. “He said.

” There are sometimes I attend meetings which I wouldn’t bother coming home again. I would just come down to work. “I explained even though it’s a lie.

I can’t tell him what really happened, no one aside my parents knows what am doing.

Because not everyone should be trusted, who knows who isn’t your supporter among them?

All of them just pretend to be friends because you are famous and rich but once you go down, it’s only few of them that would care for you.

The rest would run off to another famous person then bad mouth you badly.

Once I acquire what am looking for, I would tell him everything.

That is once I get what am looking for but right now, I want everything to be secretive…