I’d wanted my dream man to be someone with a hairy chest- Celestine Donkor


Celestine Donkor, a gospel singer from Ghana, said she always wanted a man with a hairy chest, but she ended up with the opposite.
Although it was her preference, Celestine Donkor said that she received the opposite in a book she co-authored with her husband Kofi Donkor called “Beyond the Rhythm”.
When Celestine told her husband what her ideal guy looked like, he immediately set to work trying to dress the part.

“I told him I wanted a companion with whom I could travel with assurance. a somebody having a hairy chest. Laughs! My ideal man was what I desired. However, guess what? My husband, who has no hair, bought a hair development treatment and started using it.

“Even now, whenever I think of it, I laugh. But more than anything, I was so fired up for God and had grown so much in Him that meeting someone like my husband who was so concerned about my spiritual well-being and development meant the world to me. For me, that was the main draw, she continued.

The song “Beyond the Rhythm” recalls the tale of how Celestine and Kofi Donkor met, fell in love, and went on to spend the next 15 years working in the music ministry together.

Currently, Kofi Donkor also serves as Celestine Donkor’s manager.