I Am A woman coming up soon


Locked in a small village is an hero who needs to break forth. Surrounding her are situations that are bent on bringing her down.

Every aspect of her life is under torture; she’s prone to having a short term peace, but the thought of protecting her younger sister consumes her.

She’ll never let go, even though it beats her, she won’t stop, even when she’s indeed weak, she’ll stay strong, even when she’s broken, no one has to know.

Her head held high on her shoulders in the storms of life, in the face of abuse. She’s the definition of STRENGTH.

She’s TINASHE and she’s WOMAN!…

This story shows the real strength of the woman. How the determination of a woman can break barriers.

Invite all female folks to read this – your girlfriend, wife, friend, sisters and every one. Its a must-read for every woman and also full of lessons for men.