Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Restless Prologue

It’s full of crazy action, only read if you are not feebleminded. Starts on This Monday Anticipate!!! Carl is restless. It’s more than twelve months after the...

My Rich Wife Episode 15 Final

I became a one-handed man. My wife treated like a plaque. Then one day, Jocelyn became sick, and was admitted into the hospital. Her family...

My Rich Wife Episode 14

After sometime, maggots started coming out of my wound. The knife Jocelyn used to stab me was not ordinary knife, it was a knife...

My Rich Wife Episode 13

If you are nursing a plan to marry a rich woman for the sake of elevating your poverty, I beg you to drop that...

My Rich Wife Episode 12

I began to give consideration to pastor's suggestions on reconciliation and restitution but how will I go about it? Who will convince Jocelyn I...

My Rich Wife Episode 11

Our fellowship president became my mentor and role model. Bro Ishaku was sentenced to life imprisonment and had spent twenty years already in prison....


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