LEGENDS were born in October. So I heard but hitherto a personal encounter with a certain gentleman I had doubted this “blasphemous” proclamation. Today I have really accepted it. John Lenon, Zlatan Ibrahimovic,Mahatma Gandhi, Katy Perry, Hilary Clinton, CM Punk, Rush, Linda,  Junior, Angie, Patience and Albright Adu-Baah. Just to mention a few, were all born in October. 
My own definition of leadership is this: The capacity and the will to rally men and women to a common purpose and the character which inspires confidence. The man I’m celebrating today defies the nurture debate and validates the assertion that some people were really born leaders! A Hercules, An Achilles, A Saul, He’s my Richard Cypher:The True Seeker, He’s King Arthur(I’m not his Merlin,though ?) and my David! 
He’s a walking institution. Study in his niche and your life will never be the same. I encountered this ambitious gentleman right from level 100 in Mensah Sarbah Hall. He happened to be my course mate too. (Albright, do you still have Kotak’s Anthropology book?)
I admired how meticulous he sounded in his deliveries. He seemed so matured, I never for a 2nd considered speaking pidgin mpo with him. In his glasses those days, he resembled Akuffo-Addo (Big 6). Mr Adu-Baah respects himself, very confident, yoghurtish personality, coupled with an attractive instincts. Just so you know, he was the School Prefect of Okuapeman Secondary School, Speaker of Parliament for Alex Kwapong Parliament even while in L200. He rose through the ranks to become the commander-in-Chief of Alex Kwapong JCR. Oh yes! I was privileged to have worked side by side and fought sword to shield with him conquering challenges like how Mansa Musa and Tohazie the red hunter did in their respective bands…together with other equal competent executives, we chalked and recorded unprecedented successes. 
In dealing with situations, my man holds the bull by its horns, he doesn’t tolerate nonsense. He believes in the philosophy “If it must be done, it must be done well!” He doesn’t give room for failures. He’s very scientific and positive. Very gentle but can be rough sometimes. 
Beyond formalities, this dude is a good chef!! Angie bears witness.
He’s the best when it comes to “yam with egg stew ” ???…shower praises on him and  he might end up giving you all the yam???…
Mr. Fred has been under his tutelage for God knows how long but hmmmm…
Mr Adu-Baah is such a selfless individual – shows extreme empathy for the needy. This guy does “Individual Social Responsibility ” even more than some corporate groups. He has the spirit of always wanting to help. A non-self-centeted philanthropist is what he’s like. A leader born to serve. 
His affable personality is another department he can boast of. He doesn’t discriminate. Not racist. He’s Very sociable and outgoing, and Always looks so presentable. 
He can treat women paaahhh.. )y3 guy rof ???. He commands respect by default. He’s as organized as the City of St. Petersburg. Magnificent presentation skills. Hitherto L400, latter part of second semester, I had never seen my boss in jeans nor kambuu b4????…he looks spectacular in executive shirts,suits and African prints. I pride in being one of his closest buddies (who won’t ?)?. He exercises high level of commitment to his responsibilities. A pacesetter in all endeavors.
Albright my good friend, u will be remembered for your great works. Whichever lady that gets to be ringed by you, will be the best and  the luckiest woman on earth apart from my wife… 
Your best days are yet come my brother ; you will prosper and continue to prosper until you become very prosperous…God will answer all your prayer requests including the one concerning your height???. When everyone is sitting,u will be standing; when all stand in line, you will stand out! Happiness will never depart from your life. You will overcome any challenge that comes your way. Poison can’t defeat you . Your testimony shall go beyond intranational to international. Your associates, compatriots, companions,comrades, friends and acquaintances shall soar with you above the storm. You are set for the echelon, you don’t belong to the bottom nor middle – you have no business there!! Nope! You won’t be left behind like Chelsea!! Oh yh I said it!!???.
You will break into the Ghanaian politics successfully with ease and never decline like Bisa K’dei broke into the music Industry. You will be on top of your game like Chairman General  Kwame Sefa Kayi controls kokrokoo studio. You will gain promotion at an early stage. Your leadership and wisdom shall attract wise men from the East to present frankincense and mere?. 
Humanity is blessed to have you. You are a limited breed of an extinctive species. Your story will travel generation to another like we were told about the India Vs Ghana match that ended 100-1 in favour of India and the mysterious narratives surrounding the boy on the milo tin???. 
You will be a weapon of mass enlightenment. Your offsprings shall follow your footsteps and enjoy your generational favour and accomplishments. I wish for you, Amazing Grace. May God’s favour never depart from you. You will own beyond Villagio and Stanbic heights. You will be an employer.  Your home will bring joy to the world even more than Beige Village ?. You will dine with the Queen of England. You will retire and still be useful to Africa. 
What more can I say???? You have built a legacy m3333n…
As to wether you are perfect, Nope! You ain’t but you are almost there. All you need to do is a few finishing touches. Learn from me in being slow to vent your spleen and fear women. Lolx.
I love you bro . On behalf of “Generational Thinkers ” , and Alex Kwapong 2012/2013 JCR, I say a BIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGG HAPPY Birthday TO you Mr President. Stay blessed. GOD LOVES You. ????????