Once upon a time, I met a gentleman on my 1st day in Legon as a student of UG. While we queued in front of Mensah Sarbah Hall awaiting the arrival of Barclays Bank to pay our JCR dues before the manual residential registration starts,  I found brotherhood in some dudes, among which Rush happened to b a part of. We discussed a million of social issues including how best the Sarbah JCR could have made our (freshers) lives more comfortable. By default, I didn’t need an angel nor a prophet to tell me my newly found friend was a rain maker and a problem solver. Due to some queue jumpings, I ended up in B44 and he got B45. Rooms apart, however, didn’t shutdown our friendship..
Many people might not know how he came by the name “Henslin BW “???. Well, tym to let opened, the skeleton in the cupboard. In one of his research assignments(sociology), Rush came across this name. To date I still don’t know how attractive this name sounds , but he fell in love with it and borrowed it. Lol. 
If for nothing at all, I will never forget his nostalgic pair of trousers with its nomenclature as “infiniti”!!! This infiniti pair of trousers was a utility wear, multi-purposed,anti-scratch,anti-fade,fireproof and I guess water resistant mpo???.  
In level 100, Rush was the only person with a China fone dat cud Facebook n tweet. I bet that fon could have whatsapped and  Instagrammed if these 2 apps were in existence????… 
His preference for boxer shorts to white chapel supporter was and still remains mysterious. Yes! my brother from another mother, Rush, is a man and I envy him in that manly aspect !!!??. ???.lol. 
In my 7yrs of knowing him, he has upgraded from a friend to become a brother!! He solves my problems with me and we share secretes. Oh in fact, if you ever told me any secrets, jus so u know; Rush knows it too..????.. He’s my body body. My personal person. 
I admire his taste for big fat taller women ????(women who outsize him). But don’t get deceived, cuz I know he’s a man!! Don’t mind d body!! I pride in being better than him in one aspect – cooking ??. I just look at him and rejoice for at least, I’m better than somebody. 
Eeeiii I nearly forgot his mustache ??? (Don Diego D’Azambuja’s kinda )lol. I remember the 1st time we went to kantamanto. As the sellers pulled him to take a look at their goods , he shouted “Kwame )mu di me k) oo” (meaning Kwame they are carrying me away oo) ??????.. OMG…
Rush is a good man. He’s humble- down to earth, generous, an advisor , counsellor, and a realer. I love him so much just like I love Redo.(no homo). Our friendship is genuine like an iPhone6plus from the iPhone shop. 
Only God knows why he refused to respond to my hour of continuous knocking ‘that’ afternoon!!??
 But me renka hwii. Lol. 
Together, we illuminate like stars. I see a multinational corporation owner in Rush. I see Prince Kofi Amoabeng in him. I see Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom in him. Oh yes 1 person!! He will be all of them. His name will enter Wikipedia, he will be cited in classrooms and lecture halls, Wall Street journal will publish a piece on him. I can feel it ! Rush, you will go beyond owning a tower and a mall!! PEACE shall always be unto you. Whatever prayer request u have shall come to pass. El-shaddai will provide it before you come asking..you  will get ur masters degree in USA. You won’t think failure, you can’t fail, you won’t experience trial and error!! You will try and get it right at once and for all!!.. You will escape tsunamis, u will escape asikafo) yare3, you won’t even need health insurance because sickness will see your door and pass! Your success won’t depend on any politician but Jehovah Adonai, The Alpha and Omega, The Rock of Ages who remains the same !!! God bless you my brother. May God bless anybody connected to you in Jesus name. Happy birthday to you, Henslin BW Rush!!! Have a blast!!!! 
Are you the Bee W Raaaaaaassshh
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Produced by Ernest.