Thursday, May 12, 2022
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The Bodyguard Reloaded Episode 12

Ackim….. I parked outside the hotel my eyes fixed at the entrance. “Ackim, come here soldier!” I remembered my days back at the commando training. “Yes sir!”...

The Bodyguard Reloaded Episode 11

Ackim…. I couldn’t stay calm anymore . I looked at her, after she failed to answer the question about whether she had gone to see...

The Bodyguard Reloaded Episode 10

Paula….. Waking up, l extended my hand to touch Ackim, but my hand fall on a blank space. I opened my eyes to look at...

The Bodyguard Reloaded Episode 9

Ackim……. I was busy playing with the twins in the house . I just loved being around them . Paul the younger one by 4 hours...