Dirty Diana Season 2 Episode 7


Previously On Dirty Diana…

“Wow you look …… Amazingly beautiful” he said looking at me up and down.

“Thanks, you don’t look too bad yourself”

Eric walked me out to his car and held the door for me, what a gentlemen.

I got in and we drove to the fair.

Seriously sir, you are behaving as if you didn’t enjoy me. You pounded me like a tiger all through the duration of the sex and now you are trying to spoil my mood with your obnoxious behaviour.

I threw one last look at her, shook my head and left the room without even bothering to say another word to her.

“Wow, it’s beautiful!” I said gazing at the view.

I felt his arms around my waist and he pull me in towards him.

Diana will you be my girlfriend?

I think I love you too and yes I’ll be your girlfriend.

He picked me up and spines me around in the air.

This was the best date of my life and it barely started



Wow I can’t believe this.

This date has been amazing and we didn’t even go to the fair.

Eric carried me back down and we entered the fair.

I asked him if we could go on the carousel and after like 5 minutes of begging he decided to go.

We took one of those seats they have and not one of the horses.

The seat was bright gold.

When the ride started I started giggling like a 5 year old girl, I just love the carousel , the lights and  the music especially at night.

We just laughed and eventually I saw him lean and I felt his lips against mine. We kissed on the marry go round till the ride ended.

“Wow that felt like a short ride” Eric said smirking.

“I bet it did” I said while smirking back.

We held hands while walking towards the chocolate machine.

There was a group of girls there waiting for their some chocolate

When they spotted us they all started whispering things like:

“Is that his girlfriend”

“Are they dating?”

“She’s so ugly”

“What a slut

“He deserves so much better”

Right there and then I felt like I was about to cry. I couldn’t take this anymore I ran away back towards the entrance. I sat on a rock beside the gates of the entrance and just started crying.

How can they say such mean things when they dont even know me.

Then I felt someone rub my back I was startled by this and I looked up, it was Quame


The Lecturer

Chapter 8

baby what’s wrong?” i asked again. She wiped her eyes and shook her head.

“i lost the pregnancy. I lost it again” she sobbed bitterly.

I tried holding her, but she pushed me away.

I really was a bit relieved on hearing the reason for her tears but i equally was far from happy over the terrible news she just gave me.

“this is now the second time i’m losing my pregnancy. What could be wrong?” she cried bitterly, melting my eyes as well. I drew close and strongly hugged her.

“no this can’t happen. Nooo” i breathed with pain.

My wife lost the first pregnancy few days after our wedding ceremony but we easily pushed it away, thinking that it was caused by the stress of the wedding ceremony and all the running around that followed it. But now it has happened for the second time. A pregnancy not up to two and half months.

“What could be wrong?” i wondered with fixed feeling.

“i wasn’t feeling very well at work today, which forced me to come back home the time i did, but i had barely settled down to rest when i noticed i was soaked with blood” she sobbed.

“c’mon my love. You got to be strong. We still have enough time to have as many kids as we want. So stop crying. I beg of you” i pleaded passionately. She slowly broke away from me and stared into my eyes.

“you smell somehow. I don’t understand the scent i’m perceiving from you” she suddenly asked curiously. I froze with shock for some seconds before smiling and regaining my composure.

“this your big nose really works overtime.

What kind of smell are you perceiving?”

i covered up innocently, grabbed her a bit roughly and carried her to our bedroom while she playfully protested.

Finally as the man of the house, i played down my wife’s fears concerning the lost pregnancy and made sure she left her pains behind, but nevertheless i equally was very worried because it was a bit abnormal to lose two pregnancies in a year.

I couldn’t go to work the next day, but instead followed her to the hospital where every required test was carried out and all the results surprisingly came out fine.

“when next she gets pregnant, don’t allow her to stress herself too much. Your wife is perfectly fine but i believe her body isn’t the strong type” her doctor calmly advised me.

We returned home hours later, prayed together and hoped for the best.

The next day i headed to my office to see about three well matured female students, who looked much more like old models than students waiting for me. I couldn’t help but imagine what they came for.

“i hope Comfort hasn’t opened her mouth?” i wondered as i walked into my office with a worried look.

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