Dirty Diana Season 1 Episode 6



Previously On Dirty Diana

“I want to be your guardian, dont  worry I’ll protect you from other students and teachers if you promise to be good to me” he said

I needed my skirts back, the exact one seized by his wife,

“I’ll get them for you that’s a promise”

I wore the skirt which Mr Boateng obviously sneaked out of his own house, his countenance showed he stole it

“Senior Diana, wili-wili is calling you in his office”

Shemima and her Yawa Girls burst into laughter, I stood up immediately for Wili-wili’s office

I knocked on the door with the inscription boldly written on the door “Office of the Principal” minutes later Mr and Mrs Boateng walked into the office the same way

“That’s the thief Principal, that’s the thief that broke into our house, stole her skirt and 1000 GH I collected from the student for their hostel dues” Mrs Joyce lamented

“Young lady have you seen the behemoth indictment levelled against your being? What do you have to say?” Wili-wili asked.



I raised my head up to look at Mr Boateng who was so sad and was feeling guilty, he couldn’t look at me in the eyes for between the both of us deep in our hearts, if any money was missing we knew who took it between him and I, I opened my mouth to talk and I was stammering

“Sir.mmmm…emmm.. I did not break into any house, and neither did I steal any money” I said

The moment I had just finished my statement, Mrs Joyce jumped in

“I have a proof”

And Wili-wili smiled saying in a loud tone

“Joyce you have proof? Beautiful! Beautiful! Proof is the optimum way of driving home your point, holding the culprit at bay before he swims to a foreign land” Wili-wili said

She walked to where I was standing, grabbed the hem of my skirt, raised it up and pointed at a small burnt spot which I didn’t even notice as she said,

“This is where I wanted to burn it if not for the timely intervention of my husband”

I was left dumbfounded and confused, I could not utter any word in defence, as the Principal flashed a mean look at me and said

“You can now go”

I turned to leave and Mrs Joyce protested

“Ah! Principal paaaa!! just like that?” She asked

“Don’t worry woman! I have a better plan” Wili-wili said.

I walked out of his office as tears began to caress my cheek, I wondered what was on the Principal’s mind, I was like an ant to a giant like Wili-wili and if he decided to vent his anger on me I’ll be doomed

I saw Diva sitting at a corner outside the principal’s office, she stood up the moment she saw me and consoled me as I cried helplessly, just then the bell for the morning assembly was rang, we both walked to the assembly hall.

By the time we were saying “Our lords prayer”

The rumbling sound of Wili-wili’s beetle was heard, his car came to a halt with the exhaust of the shooting ‘BOOM!!’ As if a bomb was let to explode

We all stopped in the middle of our prayers and began to laugh, I could see the smile on some teachers face too but they pretended like it was not funny, nobody was ready to loose his/her job

He came out of the car and walked to the front of the assembly and stood erect like an army general taking salutations from his subordinates, when the prayer was over he grabbed the megaphone and then started

” I would be quick and precise with my announcement today, I’ll not waste my precious time on frivolities, A student amongst us has been so emboldened with crime that she had the guts to break into a teachers house to steal…..”

The crowd numbering almost a thousand screamed

“Yeaahh! Jesus!” As he continued

“Such unscrupulous element who thinks she can grow under my tutelage and be a thief is nothing but a stooge, where is Diana Osaah?” He asked

The crowd chorused “Dirty Diannnaa”

The moment my name was mentioned, those who were short and couldn’t catch a glimpse of me had to be helped by their classmates who lifted them up,

Diva who was standing right behind me raised her head forward and said

“Be strong! Please be strong”

I began to walk to the front of the Assembly as I walked the ovation grew louder, students are drawn to naughty people, stuffs like this was what arouses their mundane mind,

I got to the front of the assembly hall and the Principal looked at me again and continued

“This is the face of the thief, I want to use her as a lesson to other people, get me that table” Wili-wili said Pointing at a table as it was brought to the stage, and then the principal said

“She will be flogged 24×2 strokes by Mr Boateng right here on this table.

To be continued


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